When Is It Illegal to Remove Your Window Grilles in Singapore

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When Is It Illegal to Remove Your Window Grilles in Singapore

Arguably, Singapore is one of the few countries to solve its housing problems to such a large extent. Indeed, the Development Board applies strict rules regarding their housing projects, covering every minor detail. Of course, some of these regulations regard balconies and, more specifically, window and HDB grill works.

When it comes to windows and grilles, there are certain cases where you must apply for a permit before you act. Therefore, you should take your time and become familiar with the renovation policies. If you’re a first-timer, it’s a brilliant idea to start from this simple guide about window grilles in Singapore:

What are the advantages of window grilles?

While window grilles are mostly mandatory in HDB flats, they also have perks. Perhaps, the most notable of all is the security. Still, there’s much more to get from a high-quality set of grilles. That’s why they play a crucial part in every window or balcony parapet, especially if you live on the first or second floor. Here are the 3 most essential advantages of HDB window grilles:

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Security and Comfort

Moreover, homes and businesses are often close to one another, which is another concern. Luckily, window grilles serve as the perfect preventive measure against burglary. Let’s not forget about children and smaller pets in your home that also requires proper safety measures. 

Lower Insurance Costs

Also, some insurance companies are willing to reduce the insurance charges because of the higher security window grilles provide. Of course, it all depends on the company’s specific requirements, such as material, size, etc. In most cases, wrought iron grilles are the easiest way to prove your home is safe from unwanted visitors.

Style and Value

Finally, we must also mention the stylish looks that some of these grilles will add to your home. Typically, various models are priced differently depending on the material and craftsmanship. What’s more, you can choose any colour and decoration to make your HDB window grilles look more unique. In this regard, it’s safe to say that such an addition will undoubtedly make your flat more valuable. 

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When can you remove your HDB window grilles?

Usually, window works and grill removal rules aren’t that strict if you follow the guidelines. For example, you can safely remove your window and balcony grilles in the event of an emergency. The same applies if the grilles have some sort of damage like broken or bent bars or even corrosion. Whatever the case, you must make sure you replace all items subject to replacement.

Perhaps, you want to replace your window grilles, considering their dire condition. In such cases, you must apply for a permit from the HDB authority. Typically, the obligatory steps require an inspection before giving you the green light for a replacement. Remember that your new grilles must have specific HDB size, design and quality. Also, you must hire a licensed contractor to install the window and balcony security firmly and precisely. 

When is it illegal to remove your HDB window grilles?

As you can imagine, the main restriction with removing HDB window grilles is that you can’t do it permanently. Still, you can make other minor modifications like installing and replacing internal metal grilles. What’s more, you can paint the grilles in your preferred colour or adorn them to make them visually appealing.

Another thing that would deem your HDB window grilles illegal is removing and replacing them yourself. Sometimes, the contractors you’ve hired may not have the required license to carry out such services. That’s why you should always contact professionals like Gate Door Window Supplies. The company’s experts will provide top-notch delivery, removal and installation services. Besides, they have a wide range of HDB windows and grilles.


To conclude, modifying your HDB window grilles is primarily safe and doesn’t require any special permits. However, some cases opt for special inspection and approval from the authorities. If you fail to prove the legality of your window grill removal and replacement, you’ll likely face penalties. In this regard, you must be aware of the HDB rules and regulations regarding window and grilles works.

Typically, window grilles have many benefits that will make your home a more secure and comfortable place. Moreover, having such security will likely reduce your insurance costs and add to your HDB flat value. If you want to remove or replace yours, make sure you comply with all the rules. Also, don’t forget to hire licensed contractors to ensure everything’s up to par in terms of service quality and legality.