Interested to learn advanced options trading? Check out this education programme

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Interested to learn advanced options trading

We commonly hear about stock trading. Some of us are regular traders while others have tried their hand in this. However, there is a segment of the stock market which holds a plethora of opportunities that anybody can take advantage of. And that is the derivatives segment, more commonly known as the Futures and Options segment or the F&O segment. 

The F&O segment in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) is quite well-developed. In fact, the daily turnover of NSE’s F&O segment alone is more than ₹ 50,000 Crores per day on an average. You can well understand the opportunities that it holds. You can apply different trading strategies to enjoy the benefits of this market. 

The F&O market is very liquid and can be cost-efficient if traded correctly. This segment has immense potential to provide returns and there are scopes of applying multiple trading strategies. The initial investment required to enter into the options market is considerably lower than that of stocks and investors get considerable time to understand how their money is working for them. Sometimes experienced traders invest in the F&O segment as a means of hedging against stocks that they own in their portfolio. This helps them to offset the loss, should the prices of the stocks owned by them go down. 

Futures and options have been in the global financial market space for more than 40 years. However, it has gained immense popularity in the last decade or so. Why? Because compared to stocks, futures and options instruments have the potential to deliver significantly higher amounts of returns. But they hold a higher amount of risk too. 

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But does that mean you should not trade in them? 

Of course not! While derivatives are complex products, as we mentioned earlier, they are a powerhouse of opportunities. Hence, not venturing out into this segment may mean losing out on chances to make money. And who doesn’t want to make money, right?

So what can you do? How can you gain an understanding of this segment?

The answer is very simple. Enroll on educational courses where you can learn futures and option trading strategies.

We all know about StockEdge, the popular stock trading app of India. is the educational subsidiary of StockEdge which specializes in learning programs on financial markets. offers one of the premium advance options trading courses available in this space today titled ‘Advance Options Skills’.

In this article, we will discuss this course in detail. 

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An overview of the course

This course contains 4+ hours of content across 8 videos conducted by Mr Siddharth Bohre, a Certified Technical Analyst from Innobuzz. An MBA in Finance, Mr Bohre is a full-time index trader with more than 9 years of experience in the financial market. 

The programme is conducted in a mix of Hindi and English languages and delivered in an easy to understand manner. Hence, it is not only useful for experienced traders but beginners as well who have limited knowledge of this market segment. This course is ideal for anybody interested to learn about the options segment and options trading strategies. One does not need to have prior knowledge of financial markets to enrol for this course. This simple to understand programme is suitable for non-finance and non-commerce background candidates as well. 

We mentioned earlier that although trading in options brings with itself enormous money-making opportunities, it holds a considerable amount of risk. It requires skills to excel in this field. While theories can be learnt by reading any book on this subject, practical skills are harder to master. 

With such a vast experience, Mr Bohre focuses on hands-on knowledge in this programme rather than bookish theories. The course covers advanced options trading skills adopted by professional traders. You will also learn useful techniques such as options data reading, option chain analysis, options data support & resistance and more. 

Benefits of this course

The main objective of designing this course is to enable candidates to understand the full purview of the world of options and find their ways through it. The programme will help you wade through the risky waters of this product so that you are able to maximize returns from this market segment by managing your risk effectively.

By the end of the course, you will have considerable knowledge about the product, option trading strategies and various aspects related to it. 

Topics included in the course

So, what are the topics that are covered in this course? 

Here is a snapshot:

  • Option data reading 
  • Option chain analysis 
  • Option data support & resistance
  • Options trading strategies
  • Benefits of options buyers
  • Options data and technical strategies

The certification

Certification is provided at the end of this programme, which remains valid for 1-year. 

This programme is a one-stop-shop for all your options education-related needs. It balances theoretical understanding and practical know-how beautifully so that you get the confidence to trade independently in the F&O segment of NSE and BSE and balance risk and returns efficiently.