Tips on Getting Tattoo Ideas You Won’t Regret

Charlotte Miller

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Once you think of getting a tattoo, you want to get the perfect design from the best tattoo ideas out there, and you might want to get it as soon as possible. Tattoos are permanent, and you do not want to live to regret the piece of art on your arm, back, or shoulder for the rest of your life. Besides, tastes change with age. 

Consult a tattoo specialist first to avoid the hassle of researching how to delete a permanent tattoo or the stress of dealing with it. They will help you decide the best tattoo to have, the perfect location, and the best colors and designs. The more information you get about tattoos from a specialist, the less you will be stressed about your tattoo once you grow older. Here are some tattoo ideas tips to help you when getting a tattoo. 

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  • Research Everything About Tattoos

It is easy to be influenced by your friends to get a tattoo immediately you think about it, but you could end up with undesirable designs, which lead to later regrets, especially when opting for a spontaneous decision in getting a flash tattoo Tempe AZ. Try to slow down your need for a tat and research first. Researching about various tattoo ideas will open your eyes more because you get to know better tattoo ideas and colors and choose what you want from those. 

Consider that your taste may change with time, so ensure you choose a tattoo idea that is at heart. Do this by envisioning yourself in seven, ten, and twenty years to come. The internet will also tell you tattoo ideas that do not go well with your personality or the location you want to be inked. 

  • Check Different Designs And Designer Portfolios

Getting the best tattoo ideas is easy, but getting a designer to bring your imagination into an actual permanent image is harder. Once you have gotten your perfect tattoo design, look for the best designer to get you tattooed. 

Check many designers’ portfolios and choose the best. You can use different platforms like Instagram, websites, and Facebook pages to check their work. Their previous work should match the quality of tattoo that you want. You can also walk into their shops and talk to the designers in person. Speaking to the tattoo experts directly helps you choose a person you vibe with to do your work. 

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  • Carry Pictures

You can hardly explain tattoo ideas to an artist and expect excellent work without reference. Carry some pictures with you to the shop to help the tattoo artist understand what you want. You can also allow the designer to suggest new things about your design or make necessary changes. This requires someone you vibe with, a reason it is essential to work with someone you can share ideas with. However, ensure the designer remembers your idea while suggesting changes and that the suggestions are something you want. 

  • Avoid Small Detailed Tattoos

Small tattoos are not a good choice if you want your piece of art to last forever. Worst of all is getting a small and detailed tattoo. Since the tattoo is too small, the details are squeezed and will blend into the skin quickly. Also, ensure the artist uses the right amount of black in your tattoos. 

  • Choose The Perfect Location

Your tattoo’s location is crucial because it determines how long the piece of art will last. However, whether you want to show off the tattoo or keep it semi-private will also matter with the location. 

Since taste changes, avoid having your tattoos drawn in too open places that you cannot cover up. Things might change, and if you get a job that requires you to cover those tattoos, you will regret having them. Therefore, areas like the neck, hands, and around the ears should be your last option. 

Also, some locations tend to blur within a short time. For example, areas like your hands and fingers are exposed to water, and tattoos around there will blur quickly. Also, do not be convinced by the online pictures because they are taken when the tattoos are fresh.

Lastly, whatever the tattoo ideas you opt for, make sure that your tattoo is done by an experienced tattoo artistic.