Best Website Redesign Practices in 2022

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Best Website Redesign Practices in 2022

Has your website started looking old? Here are some telltale signs. It has fallen behind when it comes to the latest web standards. Visitors have been complaining about navigability, dead links and other issues. Your website does not work properly on small devices like smartphones. Sound familiar? All these issues indicate your website is in need of a redesign. There may also be issues with the programming, but this article focuses on the design issues. How should you redesign your website to improve its design elements and the user experience? 

Best Website Design Practices to Follow

This topic relates to the visual aspects of a website. It is about how every page appears to the users. An effective design plays an important role in making a website successful. A website with good design retains visitors longer. You will have a higher conversion rate when everything has been designed properly. Each category of pages must have a consistent design. For example, all product sales pages should have a consistent look throughout the website. Use session replay software, behavior analytics, visitor tracking, and landing page optimization tools to get data of your visitors. This data will help you design your website in a better way.

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Optimize the Written Content

The way you do it depends on the type of website and the type of web page you are trying to redesign. You may be planning to redesign your product category pages. The design approach for it is different from the design used for a blog page. Use minimum written content with product and service pages limited to selling or marketing. Provide all necessary information that a buyer needs. However, avoid posting all related content on the same page. A product selling page should be focused on selling. Avoid adding text not directly related to the product on this page. If you have to provide any other information, use links for that purpose. Send visitors to other pages for additional or related information.

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Responsive Web Design

This has become a necessity considering almost 50% of people accessing the website now come from mobile users. Use responsive web design that adapts the website contents based on the device specification. These pages resize on the fly based on the screen size. Only the main components download if the request comes from a smartphone. If all contents are downloaded, they are shown to the user efficiently, taking into account the smaller screen size. You can also establish a different setup for content delivery to smartphone users. People accessing your website through smartphones will receive the same content but optimized to their device.

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Easy Navigation

It has always been a priority and more so now when people have got used to high-quality websites that offer easy navigation. Avoid clutter and place the links at strategic places. The three-click rule still applies. A website visitor should be able to find the required item within three clicks or three taps in the case of a smartphone.

Pay Attention to the Colors You Use for Each Element

Colors play an important role in making a web page look visually appealing. It improves navigation. Choose the appropriate color for each element and maintain consistency where required. The most important button, link or CTA gets the priority. It should be clear at all times. Such a button or link has the most attractive color on the page, especially if it is placed on a sales page. For example, “Buy Now” button gets priority with the most attractive color assigned to it while other elements have subdued colors. Provide lots of white space, so all elements of the webpage appear clearly to the viewer.

Avoid the Jumping Elements during the Download Process

It is an irritating feature seen on many websites. Pages load slowly at places where the Internet is not that fast. A page with lots of elements can have this problem. It means the placements of elements on the web page keep changing as each element downloads slowly and one by one.

Managing the Top Banner

Avoid the top banner taking up almost half the vertical area and remaining fixed on top. This type of banner takes up lots of real estate, and the website user gets to see less content of the webpage at any given time. Do not use the top banner that shrinks or extends vertically as the user moves the page up or down.


Follow these best web design practices in 2022 to improve your website. Use minimum text except on blog pages. Use short paragraphs and sentences. Make navigability easier. Keep the maximum real estate area of your webpage for the content and avoid using a size-changing top banner.