What Is a Toll-free Number, and Should You Have One for Your Business

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What Is a Toll-free Number, and Should You Have One for Your Business

Communication is one of the best ways to promote business growth. Often businesses use the front desk option to communicate with customers. Although this method is effective, it’s chargeable, and some customers may find it costly to communicate with you.

To avoid this issue, consider using a toll-free number. Read on to understand what a toll-free number is and why you should have one for your business.

What is a toll-free number?

A toll-free number, also known as a freephone number, is a unique phone number that customers can use to call you from landlines without incurring any charges. These numbers are particularly useful to long-distance customers.

Toll-free numbers are often used in customer service. Once you get the number, you’ll have to pay a service fee depending on your calling plan. Nevertheless, the cost is relatively affordable.

Why you should have a toll-free number for your business

Your business should have a toll-free number for several reasons, as discussed below.

Enhances your office setup and boosts business credibility

In the past, only big businesses utilized toll-free numbers. If you decide to use a toll-free number as a method for customers to reach you, your company will appear bigger. Clients tend to trust large businesses since they perceive that they’re reliable.

You could use a virtual office to aid your real and perceived growth. It will help you cultivate a professional image, potentially attracting more customers and increasing profitability.

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Offers portability

When relocating your business, one of the challenges that you may face is acquiring a new contact number. This problem is common among businesses that utilize landline services. Not all your previous customers may know that you’ve changed your contact number, and you may miss important calls, paralyzing your business operations.

With a toll-free number, you don’t have to deal with these issues. You can still use the old phone number to receive calls from clients, no matter your location. Better still, you can link it with your new phone number and continue receiving calls.

Easy to remember

Another reason you should get a toll-free number for your business is that it’s easy to remember.

More customers will call you if your business phone number is easy to remember. Your sales team can easily convince customers to buy your products when they call, leading to more sales.


You might be surprised to learn that toll-free numbers are relatively cheap compared to other means of communication, like telephone services.

Toll-free number systems are simple to set up and available to businesses of all sizes. The service providers offer cheaper subscription fees and flexible payment plans, making it convenient. 

Improves customer satisfaction

Most customers like communicating with businesses before and after making purchases. You can make communication easy and smooth between you and your customers by using a toll-free number.

Since customers don’t have to cater to the calling costs, they’ll be more willing to call you often. This way, you solve your customers’ issues promptly and improve your reputation, which will help you attract more customers.

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Has multiple features

A toll-free number comes with a wide range of valuable features, including:

  • Call monitoring
  • Call recording
  • Real-time analytics

These features allow you to collect helpful business metrics. You can use the data to evaluate the performance of your business and make informed decisions.

Improves your marketing reach

You can incorporate your toll-free number in your marketing channels. For instance, you can place the number on your podcasts when introducing a new product so customers can call you and inquire about the product.

Additionally, you could take advantage of the click-to-call option on your website. Link your toll-free number with call extensions when creating your website and make it easy for customers to reach you. Most customers like to use the click-to-call option to connect with businesses since they find it easy and convenient.  

You can use multiple toll-free numbers to monitor your campaigns

Businesses use various methods to advertise their businesses, including:

  • Email campaigns
  • Billboards
  • Broadcast ads

When advertising your products, you can include different toll-free numbers for every marketing channel to allow customers to call you directly.

With multiple toll-free numbers, you can know which advertising method generated more leads, the geographical location of customers, and the time they prefer calling.

Toll-free numbers allow you to design extensions related to particular campaigns so you can gather valuable metrics about them. You can allot specific toll-free numbers to several marketing campaigns to make it easier to collect valuable insights.

Parting shot

Toll-free numbers are a great communication tool for every business. They help you stay in touch with your customers and conveniently address all their issues. A toll-free number also boosts your brand image and enables you to generate more sales through increased business communication.