Attract Your Consumers Through Packaging Imperfections!

Charlotte Miller

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According to a few pieces of research, packaging imperfections can increase consumer interest. Gone are the days when every design had to be perfect, and every detail had to be considered. Nowadays, showing the imperfect side of your packaging can create an added sense of authenticity among the consumers. Moreover, the concept of imperfection is not confined to flaws. Imperfect designs such as whimsical are perfect in their own peculiar way, which is why any packaging companies have shifted their packaging design focus towards these kinds of packaging designs as well.

Less is more. There is a great deal of insight in that statement. The packaging designers at The Legacy Printing understand that clarity and simplicity help consumers hone in on specific brands to exclude everything else. But “less” can allude to something that is not quite perfect as well. Since brands work hard to create an ideal image, the company believes that consumers sometimes consider these brands too slick. That is especially true when the brand experiences of consumers fail to match up to the expected image. This, unfortunately, is often the case.

Lately, The Legacy Printing’s team of experts and a few brands have hit on something valuable when it comes to their packaging boxes. They now portray themselves as imperfect and vulnerable and even a bit messy—like an unmade bed. These packaging boxes call attention and instantly connect with the consumers since everyone can identify with these traits. Many branding and marketing, and packaging experts are calling this trend “The Loveable Imperfection.” By following this trend, the brands intentionally focus on their imperfections, flaws, and personality to make their packaging and unboxing experiences more human, believable, and desirable. According to the experts, by following this trend, they are keeping it real.  

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Being human means being unpredictable and a bit flawed. Nobody is perfect, so embrace the fact and celebrate it to the fullest. Brand marketers have recognized the importance of authenticity. It is something for which consumers are truly hungry, so why not give it to them?

A leading beauty soap company asked “real” women, not models, to become a part of their marketing campaign to create a “real” connection with its consumers. The campaign, of course, was a hit due to the concept since it did show the “perfect” models but the “imperfectly beautiful” women. Nowadays, quirkiness has become cool. The same concepts have been introduced in the realm of packaging where keeping the sustainability of Mother Earth in check, packaging minimalism has become consumers’ favorite. They have become more fond of plain truffle containersThere is no denying that plain solid colors with matte or gloss finishing deliver a sense of sophistication and class. 

As a culture, we have turned an essential page because there are brands that are willing to put authenticity ahead of slick marketing designed to make them look perfect. Imperfect custom eyelash packaging wholesale has become another way to differentiate your products and brand. Imperfect packaging has become another way of winning in the marketplace because of this positioning. However, each visual and verbal expression of the brand must cohesively deliver the message. Well-conceived packaging campaigns, such as special edition packaging or holiday-themed packaging, are great. But for consumer products brands, compelling package design must be the top priority because the consumers are persuaded or dissuaded at the shelf. 

Visual and verbal brand elements must be distinctive so that they become own-able to a brand. The custom eyelash packaging wholesale should fuse to create a unique language. And while it may sound counterintuitive, the smart brands, as we advance, will be so well designed that they will appear to be effortless and undesigned. They will dare to show some imperfection.

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Superheroes and Brand Heroes

Nowadays, the culture is totally into superheroes, and we all have our favorites. What appeals 

most to us is not necessarily the unique powers but their backstories, limitations, and challenges. That is what makes them captivatingly human, right? Despite Superman’s incredible power, speed, and strength, a small amount of kryptonite can be his undoing. Batman’s devoted and relentless drive to find and bring the bad guys and criminals to justice prior they wreak havoc in Gotham City emanates from his need to discover the guy who killed his parents. These traits are endearing to legions of consumers around the world. Therefore, their visual assets depicted on licensed consumer product packaging, such as truffle containers, create instant cognition and connection with their fans?

Now, suppose one can imbed some human imperfection to the DNA of packaging in general. In that case, there is a significantly high chance that the custom eyelash packaging wholesale will be more connective, believable, and trusted. You may think that this approach works best for unique consumer product brands and not commodities. You must think again. 

For instance, consider a small family business. This business sells nuts. Their packaging design plays on the “nuts” theme hilariously. Rudimentary artwork depicts the family members as a bunch of nuts on the packaging box with a short blurb about the company’s family history. The typography on the nuts packaging box looks as though it was handwritten. The font is irregular and imperfect. The shipping cartons are used as a brilliant marketing platform, filled with funny short phrases and doodles that appear to be handwritten.

The same can be done on the truffle containersIt is wrong to allude to this kind of packaging as artisanal due to its hand-drawn look. The handwritten font looks basic and unsophisticated, and it is injected with self-deprecating humor. Therefore it is perfect. It can be memorable and real, and it can surely bring a smile to consumers’ faces. In short, these design elements, if used correctly, can be very human and profoundly connecting.

Lauding the Flawed

A leading potato chips company has been making waves with its new Uglies branded chips. Capitalizing on the “Unperfect” trend toward offering less-than-perfect Uglies Chips are made from potatoes with blemishes. They use potatoes that farmers would likely be throwing away due to minor imperfections. Because of this, they can pass on the savings to their customers, and everyone feels like they have done some good. This is a brilliant product idea that is squarely on-trend. Sustainability and mitigating food waste are top of mind, and who does not like to save money. 

Uglies packaging does not merely rely on verbal brand communication to get its point across to consumers. It deftly uses deliberate visuals. The packaging box informs consumers that these chips are “Kettle Cooked” over the “Uglies” brand name. Thumbs-down artwork points directly to simple, direct vocabulary presented vertically in old-fashioned typography reminiscent of broadsides and posters from the past. The chips are made from rejected potatoes with minor imperfections, gluten-free. Additional artwork of mustachioed potatoes wearing shades and hats hold up signs to denote which variety/ flavor is encased in the bag. No slick photography is here. The visual and verbal packaging design elements work together cohesively and memorably.

This product concept and its refreshing packaging are designed to stand out in snack aisles loaded with branded options. The most prominent players in the potato chip category will no doubt note what a small company has done. Can this be a category game-changer?

Packaging Takeaways

Consider making your brand and your customized packaging more human and connecting. Let it appear to be less artful and more unstudied and most daringly un-designed. Think of an unmade brand like an unmade bed: Kind of rumpled, sincerely inviting, and totally comfortable. Ahhh!