Top Questions to Ask Window Contractors in Your Area

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Did you know that replacing your windows can boost the value of your home? If you need to find window replacement contractors, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to find reputable window contractors in your area.

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Ask to See Photos of Previous Projects

You’ll want to take a look at examples of previous window replacements.

Window installation contractors should have different examples of projects. Even if you received a referral from a neighbor or friend, still ask to see a photo.

You can also research the contractor online. Research the contractor to see what previous customers shared.

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What’s the Cost of a Consultation?

Ask the window contractor if they charge for a consultation or estimate. If the contractor does charge a fee, remember this while researching other contractors.

Some companies will offer a free in-home consultation before you decide to work with them.

What’s the Timespan of the Project?

When talking to different contractors, make sure you ask about the installation timeline. Sometimes, projects will only take a day, while others might take a few days.

Will poor weather affect the timeline of the project? Find out if the contractor will protect your home during the installation. Do they clean up afterward?

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What’s Included in the Installation Package?

You’ll also want to find out what the window contractor includes in the installation.

Will they offer to take care of the exterior and interior trim along with finishes? Some contractors will do this as part of your package, while others say it’s an additional fee.

Determine if you need to hire another person to finish the trim or finish. You might be able to tackle that job with a few friends on the weekend.

What’s the Payment Schedule?

Next, you’ll want to inquire about the payment terms. Will you need to pay beforehand or pay after the project’s completed? What are the accepted payment forms? Ask beforehand, so you don’t get a surprise later on.

Find Out More About the Contractor’s Experience

If you have a few contractors to speak to, make sure you ask them about their work experience. Has the company completed a few window replacement projects or hundreds?

You might pay more for a contractor who has years of experience. Will there be different people on the installation team? If so, ask about those individuals and their experience in the industry.

Some contractors will also have certifications. Some window manufacturers will certify contractors. A contractor can only have certification in one brand’s windows.

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Now You Know How to Find Reputable Window Contractors

We hope this guide on window replacement contractors was helpful. Find reputable window contractors by asking them about their work experience.

Ask about the payment schedule and what’s included in the installation package.

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