ABC of Commercial Kitchen

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Being a chef is exhausting as you have hundreds of things to juggle, the customers, your staff, the whole kitchen, etc. Altogether it’s a holistic experience for every chef, no matter how taxing, at the end of the day it is extremely rewarding. Nothing makes a chef happy more than their kitchen equipment. What can be a chef’s prized possession? Is it their staff or is it their customers? The answer is none. It’s their kitchen equipment. Their kitchen equipment is their lifeline.

As they work relentlessly, they never get the chance to appreciate it but these kitchen equipment know that they matter. So when a chef starters working out in a professional setting they need certain pieces of kitchen equipment but, since they don’t design the place and set it up themselves, it is the owner’s job to install the equipment. Because if the kitchen lacks even a single essential apparatus, the whole setting can become barbaric to work in. 

But how would the owner identify the right set of equipment? They might if they belong to a similar industry, however, if they are not they should consult a professional and get a kitchen that would entice the chef to leave their job and come work with you. But we get your resentment towards consultants, they extort can you and can go over the board with everything. So we are here to help you guide through the process. 

Here is a list of the basic kitchen equipment that every commercial kitchen should have. Reminder! You can always upgrade your kitchen when you start earning profits but apart from the fancy apparatus, here are some necessities-

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  1. Cooking Equipment- We know it sounds crazy because everyone has cooking equipment but cooking equipment has more than a gas range. Every apparatus that would help you create something peculiar but delicious from raw materials, is considered as cooking equipment. To be more precise, here is a list that would give you a clear picture-
  • Oven- This divergent piece of equipment is used for roasting, baking, braising, etc. Thus making it an imperative tool.
  • Stove Range- Here comes your basic equipment that would turn your raw materials into food. It depends on you if you would opt for an electric or gas range.
  • Grill- Adding a grill to your kitchen would help you create exquisite grilled food items with that charcoal taste.
  • Deep Fryer- Fries go with everything, so adding a deep fryer that would help you fry those fries would add to the versatility of your kitchen. Also, it is mandatory equipment.
  • Salamander- Plating is everything, so installing a salamander will help you add that final finishing to your food so that it looks perfect when served.
  • Toaster- A commercial toaster would make your restaurant breakfast ready.
  • Coffee Brewer- If you don’t add a coffee brewer then there is no point in opening a restaurant.
  • Microwave- Microwaves are a must to heat up your sauces, defrost food, re-heat food items etc.

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  1. Refrigeration Equipment- Every kitchen needs to have a refrigerator, yes, no surprise. But there are different kind of refrigerators that one needs to install in their commercial kitchen. Because your regular kitchen refrigerator cannot hold the different types of meat. Also, it varies from kitchen to kitchen and business-to-business.
  • Refrigerator- The basic refrigerators include reach-in fridges, walk-in coolers, prep fridges, etc. There is a possibility that your kitchen might need a combination of different fridges.
  • Freezer- Adding a freezer depends on the scale of your business and kitchen as they come in different sizes as well.
  • Ice Machine- One needs to have an ice machine for the guests, especially in a business where you need to serve beverage to your customers.
  • Beverage Dispenser- If you are a fast-food joint, then a beverage dispense is a must.


  1. Food Prep Equipment- Food prep equipment depends on the recipes you have on your menu, but apart from the expensive and exquisite products, there are some basic products like- 
  • Food Processors- Why are these essential? Because this piece of equipment turns your raw material into cookable items. They help you in preparing sauces, chop vegetables, combine ingredients, slice cheese, etc.
  • Mixers- People think that mixers are imperative in bakeries and pizza shops but restaurants should have it too as they have an extensive menu.
  • Spice Blenders- You can use pre-grounded spices in your kitchen but freshly grounded spices give a unique taste to the dishes.
  • Blenders- Blenders are common in bars and cafes but can be used to make drinks, combine sauces, mocktails, etc.


  1. Smallwares- These are the essentials that your employees need to do the actual cooking, chopping, mixing, etc. Something to keep in mind before ordering small wares is to order them in appropriate quantities so that all your staff gets to use them. But again, there are some essentials that should be there-
  • Cutting boards- Order cutting boards to prevent cross-contamination. 
  • Chef Knives- One cannot do without chef knives because when you are cooking on a big scale simple knives won’t work. These sharp knives will make the prep easier.
  • Pans- If you are opening a restaurant, make sure to have numerous pans as every order would require a different set of pans. For example, when one employee is preparing the sauce other might need it for saute or frying.
  • Pots- Pots are essential to cook curry based food and can work as pasta cookers.
  • Kitchen Spoons- The kitchen spoons are the life-blood of a commercial kitchen, from ladles to serving spoons, you need them all

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  1. Janitorial Equipment- If you are in the foodservice industry, then cleanliness is everything. A kitchen that resembles ‘Ratatouille’ from Pixar would definitely not work in a real-life scenario. So keep these few pieces of equipment in your kitchen to maintain cleanliness-
  • Microfibers and cleaning rags- Microfiber cloths work wonders for spills, wiping cutlery and utensils, cleaning tables etc.
  • 3 compartment sink- A 3 compartment sink is useful for cleaning and sanitizing utensils and work station to clean the grease and stains. Also, add an industrial faucet.
  • Mops and mop buckets- This is for constantly cleaning the bigger spills in the restaurant during the day.
  • Wet floor signs- It is imperative to alert your customers and staff about the slippery floor.
  • Trash cans and recycling bins- When you add these two bins in your kitchen, your kitchen environment becomes clean automatically, as the staff segregates the garbage and dispose of it properly.

I guess it’s time to set up your own kitchen! Managing a commercial kitchen is laborious but when you are a chef it’s a pleasure to maintain the environment that pays your bills. This guide of basic commercial kitchen equipment will genuinely guide you the right way. And if you are a chef then visit our page to purchase your commercial kitchen equipment at the best prices. Are you still contemplating what are the best products? Don’t worry, we help you choose!