5 Tips on Building a House Advertising Strategy for Sellers

Charlotte Miller

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Did you know that selling a home yourself can save up to 6% on realtor costs? Avoiding commission fees and other expenses to list your property can be a big saving. But, lacking the correct house advertising strategy will cost you big time.

If you aren’t using the best advertising channels or know how to market your property you could miss out on potential sellers. This can leave your property dormant on the market and affect your listing price and potential to move. So, don’t leave selling your house up to chance.

Read on to discover the best selling strategies you need to know. These tips can help you list your property, get the price you hoped for, and attract the right buyers. 

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  1. Advertising Houses Online 

If your house is not listed online, it may as well not be on the market. While a “for sale” sign in the front window of your home may attract a passerby or inquisitive neighbor, online platforms cast a wider net to attract more buyers.

Some real estate websites may require a paid-for account to list your property. While others may allow you to list your home online for free. Check out the different listing sites to compare features, functionality, and compare other properties. 

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  1. Advertising Open Houses 

Did you know that open houses help sell homes for $9,000 more and spend up to a week less on the market? Leverage your profiles and platforms to advertise an open house.

If you are active on social media, create posts to market the event. Create an email blast and send it out to family or friends. 

  1. List a Fair House Price 

If your house is over or under-valued this will create confusion among buyers. Do your due diligence and research market prices and similar homes. To learn more about buying or selling at the right price, check out URB Chicago

  1. Leverage Photos and Videos 

Without quality photos or videos, you may have a hard time attracting buyers and selling your house. If you have the budget, consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer.

Use the photos to showcase the home’s best features and create an attractive scene where potential buyers can envision themselves. For example, if you sell houses for large families, showcase extra bedrooms, finished basements, and backyard play areas. 

  1. Take a Local Market Approach 

When listing your home and creating an advertising strategy, leverage the connections in your own neighborhood. Advertise in the local newspaper or radio stations.

Create call-to-action cards or marketing materials and pass them out to local businesses, neighbors, and friends. Consider hosting local events or fundraisers at home to drive potential buyers to check out your property. 

A House Advertising Strategy Can Help Sell Your Home Quickly and Efficiently 

You can’t put your home on the market without developing a house advertising strategy. These tips can help you list your property and attract buyers. Remember to advertise your home in both digital and traditional channels.

Online real estate websites can help reach larger audiences while smaller media channels or marketing efforts can attract local buyers. Quality photos and videos can sell your home and don’t discount the value of hosting an open house.

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