Top 7 Reasons to Study Abroad

Charlotte Miller

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Choosing to send their children to study abroad is a major decision for a family, but what are the reasons for parents and students to choose to study abroad? Some people may say that because everyone has studied abroad; or some people say that my family can support me to study abroad and gain a unique experience. But is studying abroad really just for that? This may be one of the reasons, but it is by no means the main reason. Here, let us explore the seven reasons to study abroad.

  1. Foreign language

Foreign languages are of course listed first. Here we take English as an example. Can you improve your English when studying abroad? There is no doubt! Of course! Many students will feel stagnant when they learn English to a certain level. This is because we do not have an English environment. When we come to an English-speaking country, English is everywhere on TV, radio, newspapers, and advertisements. In this case, you can only listen and speak English. With a good English environment, English will of course improve by leaps and bounds. Of course, there are a very small number of international students who do not improve their English very quickly. The problem is that you can’t make use of the good English environment. If you don’t go to class, choose to read Chinese newspapers, go to Chinatown to work, or even go to a store to find a Chinese salesperson, you definitely can’t learn English well. 

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  1. Life experience

Studying abroad gives everyone this opportunity: knowing some people that you don’t know all the time; seeing many people you never see in your lifetime.

Studying abroad will naturally bring you a different life experience, and there is no need to say how important this life experience is. Studying abroad is not only a process of learning advanced culture, but also an exercise of human will; the experience of studying abroad not only allows overseas returnees to accept advanced ideas and update their way of thinking, but also enriches life experience and harvests huge spiritual wealth. Information in modern society is already very developed. You may feel that you can learn everything about developed countries in the media and the Internet, and you can fully imagine how you live abroad. But this kind of imagination is definitely different from your actual living abroad. Studying abroad will greatly broaden your horizons, truly experience multiculturalism, exercise the ability to think independently, cultivate a calm attitude towards victory and failure, and help you understand human nature and society with a more comprehensive perspective. It will also let you Care and love our motherland more. No matter what it is, it will bring us experiences we have never had before.

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  1. Opportunity to attend a world-renowned school

I have to admit that there are many prestigious schools abroad, and the opportunities they bring us are not comparable. The educational environment abroad is also a big shock. For those who have not been in contact, they can greatly broaden their horizons, brainstorm at any time, and make constructive doubts, etc., many things.

  1. Professional selection

By studying abroad, you will have more professional selections. The majors offered by foreign universities are very wide, and many majors may still be blank in your homw country, or the domestic equivalent majors are not generally recognized by foreign countries.

  1. Employment in the future

The return on investment in studying abroad is great, the success rate of overseas returnees is high, and the speed of success is high. It usually only takes a few years for overseas students to return to home country to start a business, and their careers will have great development. Although the cost of studying abroad for a few years is much higher than choosing to study in homw country, it seems that the current investment is for a better future for oneself.

  1. Resource utilization

Reading efficiency, foreign learning resources are better than domestic ones. Similarly, education methods at home and abroad are different.

  1. Immigration overseas

Studying abroad will make to easier to immigrate to the study destination. If you plan to immigrate to a certain country, it is a good choice to study in the country in advance. 

Of course, studying abroad is not a perfect choice. It also has its shortcomings. For example, it is difficult to position oneself in a group, which is basically between classmates, classmates of classmates, and classmates of lovers. There is no so-called social status; there is little contact with parents and relatives, and the family relationship is getting weaker and weaker; studying and working in different places and countries are extremely difficult.

The significance of studying abroad is that it satisfies two surging dreams at the same time: reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles. What’s more important, you can learn one important thing: an ability to survive in any place in any country where no one knows. This will help you to be succesful.

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