Kids video ideas- 5 fun types of videos you can help them make

Charlotte Miller

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When it comes to kids activities at home, you can always take your pick from numerous online kids activities hobby classes and other programs. The Yellow Class offers numerous innovative and interesting hobby classes and workshops for children that will be fun, enriching and productive alike. Yet, if you are on the lookout for additional fun activities at home with your children, then you can certainly consider making a video with him/her as the focal point! Sounds exciting doesn’t it? You can help your child make fun videos that will help in building his/her confidence while growing a steady fan following amongst friends, family and relatives and also helping him/her explore new skills and improve public speaking abilities alongside. 

Here are 5 fun videos that you can help your child make at home: 

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  • Set up a gaming challenge. Have your child involve his/her friends and they can all play their favorite mobile or computer games or even puzzles together. They can rate the game in question with a multiplayer contest like approach and it can be a great way to make funny and engaging videos while also reaching out to more kids and followers in turn. 
  • Pet Videos- If you have a home or neighborhood pet, then you can help your child make a fun video about the experience with the pet in question. This video can be about funny and heartwarming antics, playing together, cuddle-time, grooming and what not! A child and a pet make for a winning combination as you well know! 
  • Home Tour- Get your home in order and help your child make a fun and interactive video regarding a tour of the home. Your child can show viewers all his/her favorite places and corners in the home. They can show a glimpse into your daily routine and also focus on things like their schoolwork, toys and so on. This will encourage your child to get more comfortable around others while building bonds with viewers simultaneously. 
  • Cooking Fun Recipes- You can whip up several flameless or fireless cooking recipes with your child at home! This can be the subject of new videos that you can assist him in creating. You can even get your children to help you in the kitchen which will make for a really exciting video by all means! 
  • Sharing Videos- Encourage children to make personal and engaging videos where they start talking about and sharing their dreams, what they want to be when they grow up, which subjects and hobbies they like and so on. Viewers will love honest conversations with children while getting fascinating insights into their minds. Your family, friends and acquaintances will love it and who knows, your child might just spark a trend! 

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Here’s to fun and happy times making some of the best and most innovative videos ever with your little bundle of joy for company! There are many more ideas that you can consider in this regard.