How To Create an Office Kitchen Employees Will Love

Charlotte Miller

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The kitchen is a central part of an office and can affect your team and employees’ morale. There are several different ways you can set it up. There is no limit to what you can stock in your kitchen to help your employees get through the day. Items like snacks, drinks, coffee, and tea are suitable choices when shopping for things to add to the kitchen. Here’s how you can set up your kitchen for maximum employee enjoyment. 

Add Some Appliances

If the area where you want the kitchen does not have appliances, consider adding some. A dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave are all basic choices that make breakfast and lunchtime easier for employees. They can keep their food in the refrigerator and heat it in the microwave. If they want, they can put any used dishes in the dishwasher.

A coffee machine for the office is another excellent idea. These machines come in many different variations and styles. You can choose what kind of coffee you want to serve, such as single-serve, espresso, or traditional. When putting a coffee machine in, be sure to keep items like creamer, spoons, sugar, and milk nearby. Have decaf coffee and tea available for those who prefer these beverages as well. 

There are a variety of premium coffee machines available for the office. Some models can integrate into your water system so that water is always ready without anyone refilling the machine. Depending on the model, the coffeemaker might be able to make two different coffees at once, froth milk, or even grind coffee beans. Decide on your budget before choosing a coffeemaker, as the price range can vary widely depending on what you need. Think about the size of your office and how often people will use it before picking a model. 

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Keep It Stocked With Dishes

If employees are often eating in the kitchen, it can be helpful to keep dishes nearby. Plates, mugs, bowls, and silverware are all items that employees can appreciate. If you have a dishwasher installed, these items can be cleaned and sanitized easily. Have a dish rack on the counter near the sink if you want people to wash the dishes by hand instead.

However, you can stock paper and plastic items as well. Have a variety of paper products, like plates, silverware, bowls, and straws, easily accessible. A recycling bin in the kitchen can help encourage environmental friendliness while using paper items. 

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Make Sure It’s Spacious and Well-Lit

The prep area is essential in the kitchen. Employees can prepare their lunch or breakfast before putting it in the microwave. Having this space next to the sink is helpful as well. When deciding on the layout of your kitchen, make sure that there is enough space for at least two people. Having an appropriate amount of space will ensure that your employees won’t have to wait a long time to eat, and it will feel less cramped. It is essential if people will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. 

Along with setting up the kitchen spaciously, be aware of the lighting as well. A brightly lit and expansive area can be refreshing and inviting. If possible, allow for natural light in the kitchen. If choosing artificial light, try not to choose anything too harsh. 

Keep It Stocked With Drinks and Snacks

Having drinks and snacks available throughout the day can help employees do their best work. If they want something to snack before lunch or during the afternoon, the kitchen should be a place they can go. Having two refrigerators can help with the variety of snacks you can have. One refrigerator can be for employee foods and drinks, while the other can be for refrigerated bites and drinks everyone can access. 

Keep popular items like bars, chips, dried fruit, oatmeal, popcorn, and water. Consider adding some things for those with dietary restrictions, like gluten-, nut- and sugar-free snacks. Rotating snacks can also add some excitement to the kitchen. Instead of having the same snacks available all the time, try introducing some new snacks every month. 

Assess the Basics

While having appropriate appliances and snacks is essential, don’t forget the basics. Paper towels, napkins, soap, trash bags, condiments, and sponges are just some of the necessary items you should have. Depending on what you have available in your kitchen, you might need oven mitts or serving platters as well. Don’t forget to include cleaning items, like multipurpose cleaners and dish detergents. Do an inventory to see what you have and what is missing. You can even ask employees what they want to be included in the kitchen to make it personalized. 

A kitchen can be an excellent focal point of your office. Designed and stocked correctly, it can increase your employees’ productivity and satisfaction. Take into account your budget and your workers’ wants and needs when creating your kitchen area.