8 Benefits of Riding a Single-Speed Bike Instead of a Multi-Geared One

Charlotte Miller

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Among the most popular kinds of bicycles (in terms of suspension), the two that stand on top are single-speed and multi-geared bicycles. It is not uncommon for people to choose multi-geared bicycles over single-speed ones because, obviously, multi-geared bicycles have more efficiency and versatility to offer. 

However, single-speed bicycles aren’t so popular for nothing. Even the most modern manufacturers of bicycles are still making single-speed bicycles as mountain bikes, cruisers, commuters, and racing bikes. That is because single-speed bicycles have things to offer that multi-geared bikes cannot. 

And, in this article, we are going to list 8 benefits that you will get from single-speed bicycles instead of multi-geared bikes.

Let’s begin.

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  • Simple mechanics

Simplicity is so underrated. Everybody wants high-tech systems and ultra-fancy designs. However, if you want to ride your bike with ease, convenience, and save a lot of money on heavy repairs, you should go for a single-speed bike. 

It’s simple and easy to ride. There are not many mechanics to pay attention to while riding, which means you can focus on the beauty of the road, and nothing else would bother you.

Although a single-speed bicycle doesn’t have a lot of bulky components, one that is very important is a chain tensioner. And if a multi-geared bicycle is being converted into a single-speed bicycle, then the best single speed chain tensioner would be required to make sure the bike works properly. 

  • Lightweight

A single-speed bicycle obviously has a lot less weight than its multi-geared counterpart. As explained above, a single-speed bicycle doesn’t have any complex mechanics and high-tech functions. That is why it doesn’t have a lot of weight.

Its light weight makes it easy to ride and control. On uneven roads and bumpy terrains, it can be mastered with ease. Moreover, the light weight of single-speed bicycles makes them convenient for almost all body types. 

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  • Low maintenance

As we mentioned above, single-speed bicycles save you money on heavy repairs. That is because single-speed bikes are low maintenance, to begin with, unlike multi-geared bikes. 

Multi-geared bicycles come with heavy components and high-tech operating parts, each functioning differently, and if one part is damaged or rusted, it is possible that you will have to get it replaced in exchange for a heavy cost.

However, in single-speed bicycles, there aren’t a lot of complex components, which means there are fewer chances of its parts being damaged, making it a low-maintenance vehicle.

  • It is more affordable

Since a single-speed bicycle has less complicated components; it is overall lightweight, which means it would cost very little to buy it as compared to a multi-geared bicycle with qualified suspension.

Those who are newly developing an interest in bicycles might get discourages by looking at extremely heavy price tags on the new models of multi-geared cycles, but if they opt for a single-speed bicycle, they can get a very good deal. Similarly, if you are a daily rider of a bicycle; like riding it to and from work or school, you would probably need a cycle that can last for years and years without demanding much of your income.  A multi-geared cycle wouldn’t only cost you much in the beginning, but it will need repairs and replacements in highly functioning parts after every few weeks, which would cost you more. 

On the other hand, if you choose a single-speed bicycle, you will be getting a pretty cost-effective deal, overall. Single-speed models as mountain bikes or road bikes are also very cheap.

  • Helps in climbing up a hill

A lot of people climb up hills and relatively steeper terrains on their mountain bikes for the sake of adventure. A popular opinion dictates that climbing up a hill is much easier with a multi-geared mountain bike and nearly impossible with a single-speed mountain bike – let us assure you, it’s not true.

Basically, when you are climbing up a hill on a bicycle, you lower down the gears so it would be easier to pedal and reach the hill with minimum effort. However, in a single-speed bicycle, there is only a single gear ratio – so how would you lower the gear? And if you cannot lower a gear, wouldn’t be too hard to climb a hill? 

Well, these are common concerns. Actually, climbing up a hill is more of a mental effort than a physical one. It might be hard, but it’s perfectly possible with a single-speed bicycle.  And it’s not going to be a walk in the park with a multi-geared bike either. While approaching a hill on a single-speed bicycle, all you need to do is gain the most possible amount of momentum. This will keep your speed at an optimum level and it will be easier to pedal.

So, once you know how to get maximum momentum on a single-speed bike while approaching a steep path, it will be nothing but easy for you. 

  • Better mechanical efficiency

A result of data comparison between single-speed bikes and multi-geared bikes showed that a single-speed bike can gain up to 99% mechanical transmission efficiency when the chain is lubricated perfectly. However, in the same condition, a multi-geared bicycle achieves only 90% of the efficiency on the road.

It concludes that, even in modern times, a single-speed bike has a much more efficient drivetrain than a multi-geared bike.

  • Robust wheels

In single-speed bicycles, there is only a single rear cog (or sprocket), which takes over a lot less space than multi-speed cassettes in multi-geared bikes. Therefore, single-speed bicycles’ rear wheel spoke is built with a little dish and is more symmetrical, which keeps the wheel strong and coherent.

  • Keeps you fit

One of the many reasons why people love to bicycle is that it keeps them fit, fresh, and physically strong. A single-speed bicycle gives you more opportunities to stay fit than a multi-geared bicycle. That is because a single-speed bicycle only has a single gear ratio, and your pedaling strength is what will keep your bike running on difficult terrains, which is a perfect opportunity to work out.