Top 10 Zalgo text generator websites for 2022

Charlotte Miller

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When it comes to black text generators, zalgo text is the way to go. Zalgo text refers to a style of writing that uses special Unicode characters in order to create wiggly-looking words. This trend started with creepypastas of the “Slender Man” variety but has since evolved into something more of an internet joke. In the case of zalgo text generators, Unicode characters are used to make words appear distorted and disgusting. 

If you’ve ever been on a forum or chat room when someone types in “zalgo” then their posts will be polluted with messy-looking text. With all that being said, there’s plenty of good reasons to check out zalgo text generators. The best zalgo generators take a block of text and transform it into something that looks like it’s from another world.

Zalgo text generator is a tool to convert normal text into something called the Zalgo text. There are many websites online that allow users to generate their own Zalgo text by inputting normal text, as well as those that exist for those who want to decode said messages!

A list of the best-known Zalgo generators is below.

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Eeemo is the ultimate destination for every Zalgo text generator enthusiast. These online tools are used to create wavy, unreadable text with dark undertones even in the brightest of backgrounds. Every internet user knows how much their online identity is valued when it comes to social media and chat protection. With sinister text generators like these, you can create your own unique and stylish Zalgo ciphers with the click of a button.

There are so many Zalgo text generators to choose from on the web, but why settle for second best when you can have the best of the best at your fingertips? is the website for you for all of your Zalgo text generator needs. Whether you need dark, unreadable text for some kind of special effect on the web or just love using creepy Zalgo texts in your everyday chat, there’s an online tool perfect for you.


This is a type of program, or application you can run online, which changes the way your message looks when you input it into its box and press send. For example: “This is a test.” becomes “Οιѕ αяε ѕσ ιт’ѕ α тεѕt.” You can also use Zalgo to change images and other types of files you upload to the site.

Lingo jam is a community site that has Zalgo text, it takes just seconds to change your normal text into Zalgotext by copying and pasting the code on the right side of the screen, you can also choose how long the characters remain on the screen and whether you want it to be a clickable link.

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  1. Zalgo.Org

 The website lets you enter your own text and then generate the Zalgo text from it, however, this is not as easy as some of its competitors because there seems to be no copy-paste feature at the moment, the only way to use it is to manually type in the text you want to be turned into Zalgo.

  1. Zalgo.It

This tool lets you generate both words and phrases that are made into zalgo text all at once or separately then copy them into any other website for example social media sites, forums, or even your own website. It’s easy to use but quite slow when generating long paragraphs of zalgotext which can result in a very slow page loading time on slower machines.


 This website basically does what Lingojam and Zalgo do except that it adds more special characters that are not normally allowed on most websites. The only problem with the website is that it doesn’t let you enter your own text like Lingojam does, however, it’s still worth checking out if Zalgo isn’t what you’re looking for.


This site lets you choose between fonts and background colors to generate zalgo text from your entered text, but the downside of this tool is that it doesn’t have an option to copy or paste the generated Zalgo text into another website meaning that you’ll have to manually type everything in yourself which can be very time consuming especially when making long paragraphs of zalgotext which could be several pages long depending on how long your original text was.


This website allows you to choose the font, background color and character coverage of your zalgo text then generates it on the fly for you to just copy and paste into any other website that doesn’t allow Zalgo characters in their comment section, all you have to do is enter your own text or choose one of its stock phrases before clicking the generate button which takes a few seconds to complete.


This website enables users to change normal text into Zalgo text by clicking the turn into Zalgo button which gives you a link to use on other websites. The good news is that this site allows users to input their own text instead of having to copy and paste, but like most other tools it doesn’t let you adjust things such as font style, background color, or even character coverage which makes it difficult for some users when generating zalgotext with long paragraphs.


This website has many features to play with the text styles that can be applied to Zalgo text generators. It offers about 20 different character effects that are categorized into four options namely ‘The Horror’, ‘The Madness’, ‘The Gore’, and ‘The Apocalyptic’. Each of these four categories offers a number of effects with different characteristics. 

The website also provides a preview button on the upper right corner of the page where you can see all the styles applied to your text before saving it as an image or copying it into a word processing program.


This website includes several Zalgo text generators and other special effects like mirrors, pixelate, and many more. It allows you to generate the Zalgo text effect by inputting either a word or sentence into your desired generator toolbox and then clicking on ‘Generate Text’ to see the Zalgo text. 

After generating your Zalgo text, you will find an option called ‘Copy Text to Clipboard’ at the bottom of the page which allows you to copy the text into your system clipboard so that you can easily paste it into any application where you want. It also gives you the option to download your Zalgo text as an image.


The ten websites mentioned above are great tools for creating Zalgo text online, they provide many interesting characteristics that can be applied to transform normal texts into unique and entertaining texts. However, these ten lack free services without paying fees where users have to pay for additional features. Such quality can be considered as a downside of both websites, so users should consider this fact before using them.