5 Simple Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Safer

Charlotte Miller

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Would you like to keep your neighborhood safer? 

It could be you’ve been experiencing suspicious activity in your neighborhood as of late. If that’s the case, it’d be wise to learn how you can improve security for you and your neighbors. 

Keeping everyone safe is vital, and here are five simple tips that’ll help you do just that. 

  1. Make Sure Everything is Well-Lit 

Neighborhoods that don’t have enough light are prime targets for theft and vandalism. Unfortunately, you may not be able to change how many streetlights you have. But, you can add lights to your property and encourage neighbors to do the same. 

If the homes are closer together, you don’t have to worry about this as much. Although, it still doesn’t hurt to have a lot of light so that no one can sneak by undetected. 

Homes with more than one property and more than one entry point also tend to attract burglars. Installing lights near the doorways can help keep you and your neighbors safer. 

For extra light, keep your porch light on in the evenings. Motion-detector lights can cut back on light pollution but still deter suspicious activity.

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  1. Hire a Security Guard 

You may be concerned about vandalism or burglars near your home. One idea is to consider hiring a security guard. 

A security guard not only can watch over your house but over the neighborhood too. Their presence alone can deter crime, especially if they’re in uniform. And, at a distance, a security guard in uniform can look like a cop. 

Plus, a security guard can switch up their location. Not staying in the same spot can throw off suspicious people who are looking to steal something. 

So, having a security guard in your neighborhood is an excellent idea if your goal is to create a safer place. Most states offer security guard services, like Special Security Services located in California.

  1. Keep Your Windows and Blinds Closed at Certain Times

A good habit to instill is to keep your windows and blinds closed at night. 

Having the lights on with the blinds open can show off your nice, expensive computer that’s on the desk. But when you close your blinds, it prevents people from getting tempted to take something. 

The same goes for shutting your windows. If you leave your house with the windows still open, you never know who could pass by. If the windows are open, it’d be easier for someone to get into your house and steal things. 

It’s best to close your windows and blinds when you’re not home. And, it’s also wise to keep your blinds closed when you’re home, especially if people can see what’s inside.

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  1. Maintain Your Yard 

Keeping your yard well-kept can keep burglars away, especially if there are fences. 

You may have a fence, but it isn’t high enough, or it’s easy to get through because it’s missing some pieces. If so, either replace or repair it so that your home and neighborhood will stay safer. 

Another way to maintain your yard is by keeping your bushes and other plants trimmed. Preventing things from getting overgrown gives burglars fewer places to hide. 

  1. Let Someone Know When You’re Going on Vacation 

If you have a trusted neighbor, it doesn’t hurt if you give them the heads up that you will be on vacation. Then, they can keep an eye on your property and scare away anyone suspicious. 

A few direct ways a neighbor can throw a burglar off is by picking up your mail. Or, something as simple as having them take your garbage cans out can help too. 

Make sure you offer to return the favor when they go out of town. That way, both of you always have someone looking after one another’s home. Unless you’re both away at the same time, and in that case, you can elicit the help of another neighbor!

Also, the retail security guard is the best option to make your neighborhood safer.


Experiencing vandalism or having something stolen in a neighborhood is a scary experience. So, it makes sense that you want to take the steps needed to prevent crime. 

With these tips, you can begin the process of keeping away intruders. Improving your neighborhood takes place only when you do something about it.

Being proactive will keep you and everyone else in your neighborhood safe.