Important Things To Know Before Installing A Fence

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Installing a fence on your property serves to provide privacy, security, and even style to your home. Installing a fence can be a large project to take on and specific considerations should be made prior to installing your new fence.

What Kind Of Fence Are You Building

Knowing why you are building your fence can help you determine what kind of fence to build. A fence that is meant for privacy should be taller and made from wood planks. These wood planks can sit horizontally or vertically, depending on personal preference. Just looking for a fence to keep people off your property or as a front of the house decoration? Try an iron post fence. Iron posts look great and last for a very long time. You should be able to communicate exactly what you want from your fence before you jump into anything or break ground.

Know The Property

Should be a given for any building plans, but make sure you know where your property line is and ensure your fence is on your property rather than city or neighbouring property. To be sure where the property lines are, consult the city or a land surveyor.

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What Are Your Regulations?

In every city and neighbourhood, there are specific guidelines regarding the height of your fence. If you don’t pay attention to those laws beforehand, you may be left spending even more money to make necessary corrections. Many regulations are already public online, you can also phone a representative to find out the information. If there’s a particular reason you need your fence to be built outside those regulations, make sure you connect with the right individuals and make the necessary plans to do so.

Mind The Pipes

Below the ground lies a complex network of pipes and wires. Anytime you are digging up ground, it is essential for your health and safety you know where pipes and wires lie. By knowing where they are, you can avoid hitting them and damaging your property. In particular, call your gas company and have them let you know the exact location of the pipes. You can avoid any disaster and still have a great looking fence.

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Take Into Consideration The Slope Of Your Yard

Most city properties appear fairly level. It is always a great idea to ensure that is the case, though. Unevenly sloped properties result in wonky and unprofessional appearing fences, when not accounted for. Once you are able to determine the land slopes, builders can account for each dip and leave you with a level fence all the way around.

Know Where You Will Have An Entryway

Part of planning your fence has to do with creating purposeful entry and exit. You should have at least two entry points to your yard. Plan your entry and exit in the correct position and be mindful of which way the doors will open or close. Don’t place an entry in a location that is hard to get to or is impractical.

How Big Will Your Exit Be

What items will you be bringing into your yard? Consider the size of these items and how they will fare getting through the entry. For example, if you own a lawn mower, make sure at least one opening is big enough to let it through. Ideally, you don’t want your doorway to be too small but too big can look awkward and be a hassle weight-wise.

Take Into Consideration The Weather

In colder Canadian temperatures, it is essential to consider winter weather if you want your fence to last. Fence posts need to sit three inches below the level at which frost forms. Fence posts need to sit securely in cement blocks to survive freezing temperatures.

Let Your Neighbours Know

If all of a sudden you tear down a dividing fence between you and your next door neighbour without warning, your neighbours might have a few problems with that. The best thing to do is have a quick conversation. Let them know when and what will be happening so that they aren’t shocked the day of. Don’t forget to tell the neighbours behind you as well if you’re doing the fence at the back of your property as well.

Who Will Build It

You can always try to construct your fence on your own, but that leaves room for mistakes, and potentially permanent damage to your yard. And if you are still unsure of what type of a fence you want, then you can opt for a temporary fencing for hire for privacy and safety reasons. If you do decide to build your own fence, make sure you have the right tools and knowledge. Finally, know your own personal limits and when it might be time to call for some professional assistance. Speak with a professional fencing contractor and communicate your needs and your fencing budget. Work with the team to come up with a fencing plan that meets your needs, budget, and any existing rules and regulations. Professional whitestown fence companies can get the job done quickly with exceptional quality and design.

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Are You Well Prepared?

Do you have the materials you need to successfully build your fence? If you aren’t building the fence yourself, have you found the right builder? The right builder will take into consideration your ideal fence, as well as practical aspects of your property and yard. Get quotes from different fencing and look at examples of their work to see if it matches your desires.

Well, that just about does it. Now all that’s left is for you to break ground. If you follow these tips, you will have a beautiful fence in no time that lasts as long as you need!

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