Tips for Choosing a Sciatica Pillow for Sleeping

Charlotte Miller

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Sciatica is a condition leading to pain in your hip, back, and outside leg. When suffering from the disease, you feel prickly, burning, and sharp pain that radiates from the lower back to your leg. Using a sciatica pillow is helpful to alleviate pressure on the nerve roots of the sciatica.

To relieve pain when sleeping, you can use the pillow and find arrangements that improve your comfort and sleep. The Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow for Sleeping – Hip, Lower Back, and Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief is made from dense, soft memory foam to adjust to your lower body shape, creating support to your legs and knees. Following are the tips for choosing a sciatica pillow for sleeping.

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Consider Pillow Elements

Orthopedic water pillows that are firmer than essential water pillows automatically change support when you switch positions. Water in the pillows is heavy but retains position to benefit those who get out of position while sleeping.

Although comfort depends on personal preference, many sciatica patients sleep on medium-firm or firm mattresses. Some even use yoga mats on the floor. Firm surfaces provide support, promoting spinal alignment. 

Establish Temperatures of Sleeping Environment

At times, foam pillows accumulate heat depending on the sleeping environment. Great alternatives are using gel foam cooling pillows that use memory foam technology to control heat build-up. Chiropractic pillows are an option for sciatica patients as they provide foam support to your neck. The other choice is a fiber-based pillow with uniform surfaces for back and neck sleepers.

If you purchase quality foam pillows with professional fining, you improve your comfort while sleeping. The molded shape can provide support on the sides to enhance stability. However, usually, memory foam is initially uncomfortable and hard. As the form gets warm, compression sets, and it molds the body.

Pillows with specialty shapes also provide additional stability and support to your neck and head. For instance, contour and cervical pillows may relieve neck and back pain.

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Choose Inflatable Pillows 

Both air and water pillows need adjustments but are critical as they respond to switching positions without effort while sleeping. Inflatable air pillows are easier to configure and adapt since air is less messy and lighter than water. The versatility of water and air pillows automatically reacts to changing positions and benefit both back and side sleepers without concern about changing positions.

For many patients with sciatica, rolling on your side while sleeping exacerbates pain. Use pillows that wedge your body while sleeping on your back. This prevents rolling over accidentally when you sleep. If a side sleeper, you can use a contoured pillow with a shape to comfortably fit between the knees. A contoured pillow reduces pressure in the lumbar spine to keep the body aligned.


Since sciatica symptoms come in different forms, you need to follow the tips above to choose the best pillow for a restorative and relaxing sleep. Thankfully, Everlasting Comfort offer knee pillows for side sleepers offer a blend of space-age technology and doctor-recommended design to provide pain relief and improve comfort.