The Latest Wedding Trends To Make Your Big Day Truly Special

Charlotte Miller

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There’s set to be an estimated 2.5 million weddings in 2022, which is the most there’s been since 1984, Yahoo News reports. The latest wedding trends are helping couples plan meaningful celebrations that reflect their own style and values. From celebrations focused on quality over quantity and casual decor through to stylish engagement and wedding rings, soon-to-be-wed couples can use the latest wedding trends to better create truly special ceremonies and receptions.

Quality over quantity

Couples are now starting to focus on who and what’s truly important to them and personalizing all aspects of their wedding in accordance. By focusing on the aspects that bring them the most happiness from the guest list and reception through to the cake, flowers, and photos, couples are making sure they prioritize quality rather than quantity while at the same time trying to get the best they can without blowing their budget. Intimate weddings, in particular, are a current trend with guest experience being paid careful attention to. Couples are now not so focused it being “their day” and are looking for ways they can create an enjoyable and meaningful experience for friends and family. This includes perfecting seating charts, toasting the guests, and making sure their guests’ favorite drinks are served. 

Engagement and wedding rings

Representative of the commitment between you and your partner, engagement and wedding rings carry a lot of meaning. It’s therefore important for couples to take the time to choose the right one. Although round or oval solitaire rings are a classic choice favored among brides and grooms alike, trends are now shifting toward modern, uniquely-cut shapes. In particular, marquise diamonds are increasingly popular for their classic elongated elliptical silhouette with pointed ends. Not only does their long and narrow shape help the ring seem bigger than it really is, but they’re also flattering as they make the finger look longer and slimmer. Alternatively, hard stones like sapphires, emeralds, and agate are another emerging trend. Hard stones are durable, making them ideal for everyday use. In particular, colorless hard stones like beautiful white diamonds in eye-catching settings are currently having their moment.

Relaxed decor

Wedding ceremonies and receptions typically rely on standard circular, rectangle, or square seating options. In an effort to breathe new life into this convention, relaxed decor featuring mismatched furniture is becoming increasingly popular. So, for instance, reception tables may be various sizes to fit different numbers of guests, thereby enhancing visual interest. Relaxed decor is also being used to create a coffee shop feel. For example, sofas and giant arm chairs with huge pillows and fluffy throws can help create a stylish yet cozy setting — which is particularly suited to outdoor weddings. 

Wedding trends continue to evolve to reflect the unique desires of modern couples. A focus on quality over quantity, stylish engagement and wedding rings, and relaxed decor are key ways couples are focusing on creating fun and meaningful weddings.