5 Bridal Party Dress Trends to Consider for Your Wedding

Charlotte Miller

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During the previous months, most weddings have to trim down their preparation due to the restrictions on social events brought by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But now that governments are slowly lifting the restrictions, brides- and grooms-to-be are starting to plan simpler yet meaningful wedding celebrations. Part of the preparation is looking for the perfect bridal party dresses

Since wedding events are more low-key nowadays, the attires of the bridal entourage become more relaxed and subtle. Still, these dresses remain stylish and chic to match the beauty of the bridal party. If you are a future bride who plans to wed the love of your life very soon, here are several ideas for chic and fashionable bridal party dresses for the women closest to your heart. 

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Cream-Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses

Gone are the days when white bridesmaid dresses dominate the wedding fashion industry. Today, more brides want to dress their bridal party in a clean, easy-to-the-eyes hue without the risk of blending in with her entourage. She would rather pick cream-coloured dresses that her girlfriends will wear during the big day. 

If you want to follow this trend, you may select a bridesmaid dress design in ivory, pearl, or oyster shades. These colours will make your ladies look chic and elegant during the event. 

Earth-Toned Bridesmaid Dresses 

Previously, brides dressed their bridesmaids in terracotta hues. This time, more earthy tones made the cut. 

It is now common to see the bridal party wear gowns in brown, sienna, or rust shades. These colours look flattering for almost all skin tones. They are also very versatile and look great with any backdrop. It means the girls will look great whether they wear it during a beach or garden wedding or inside a classy ballroom. 

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Pretty in Black Dresses 

Nothing looks more chic and sophisticated than the staple little black dress, which is still considered one of the bridal party dresses. But while it was not a traditional choice in the past, more brides ask their girlfriends to wear something black. 

Classic black dresses are highly versatile and very elegant. Your bridesmaids can also wear their dress several times after your wedding day. It means this stylish bridesmaid option can also become a practical choice. 

High Neck Dresses 

While sultry, low neckline dresses became the ongoing trend from bridesmaid dresses during the past decade, high neck dresses are slowly starting to follow suit. You may find wedding parties where the bridesmaids wear halter-neck dresses. 

Another option that you can ask your girlfriends to wear for your wedding is high neck shift dresses in lace fabric. It will exude a one-of-a-kind bohemian silhouette. This look will be perfect for simple, laid-back weddings currently the norm in today’s settings.  

Silk Cami Bridesmaid Dresses 

All women will look and feel sexy in silk dresses. You may take advantage of this fashion staple by asking your girls to wear long film cami dresses in your chosen shade. 

This style looks great for summer or spring weddings. You can ask the bridal party to make their look sexier by adding a high slit on the dress.

Dressing at your bridal party is as exciting as dressing up for your wedding day. If you find the right dress for all your girls, you can have plenty of pictures where all of you look extra gorgeous on one occasion. It could also make your closest friends look and feel confident as they help you walk down the aisle.