7 SEO trends ruling 2021 marketspace

Charlotte Miller

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SEO has been around for a significant time now. It is the most critical aspect of digital marketing campaigns that build the foundation for all other marketing tools. For that reason, despite the emergence of several newer marketing methods such as social media, businesses still emphasize SEO. More and more companies are looking forwards to Shopify SEO with Impressive Digital to give a boost to their marketing crusade. 

At its core, SEO targets making your website and other forms of content search-engine-friendly and proliferate your ranking organically. While the primary essence is still the same, several new trends have impacted SEO marketing. Here are a few trends that are ruling the market in 2021.

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  • Page load speed is more crucial

Last year Google introduced core web vitals as an evaluation criterion for ranking pages and websites. This new addition is all about how fast your page loads and determines the user experience based on that. 2021 has seen the impact of this addition and now loading speed is a priority to make your pages search-friendly.

  • More emphasis on SEO best practices

Again, introduced in 2019, BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is showing its impact in 2021. BERT does not influence the way content is delivered to the user but focuses on more natural and conversational searches. It tries to interpret the intent behind the search to the keyword to deliver more relevant results. This is why we see long-tail keywords being more dominant. Businesses have to double up on their SEO efforts to gain visibility in searches.

  • Google My Business more valuable than ever

Recovering from the pandemic, many businesses are shifting from brick and mortar to the digital realm in a rush. They are seeking immediate visibility and nothing more than Google My Business (GMB) is valuable for them. GMB portal allows businesses to create a kind of directory with information such as business type, services, location, contact, website, operation hours, reviews, and much more. For a more robust listing, you can include more details. Google maps are also linked with GMB that allows users to tap the map and reach your business.

  • Mobile SEO is a priority

Almost everyone is accessing the Internet through mobile devices in the present times. Google has acknowledged this transformation and has introduced a full mobile index for ranking websites and pages. This means your website should be optimized for mobile users lest it will be ignored by the Google crawler.

  • Incorporation of AI tools

As search engines are leveraging AI and machine learning, companies should also resort to these technologies to optimize their online existence. You can use AI tools to minimize data errors, identify and understand trends, and manage and catalog data, and much more.

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  • Perfect UX is non-negotiable

All of the above points, in the end, boil down to user experience. Ultimately making your website and pages user-friendly is the key to all your digital marketing efforts. A website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate, is mobile compatible, is stable, and free from glitches and annoying pop-ups will always remain the priority.

  • Optimization for voice search

People are now searches everything through voice commands. Whether it is from a smartphone or smart home assistance, they prefer saying more than writing. Optimization for voice searches including FAQs, schema markups, and voice-friendly search items such as the ‘near me’ phrase is imperative today.