Top 5 Reels Every Angler Should Try Using

Charlotte Miller

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When choosing the right fishing reel, it boils down to the specific type of reel and the fishing rod the angler needs to be devoted to. 

Choosing a fishing reel comes right after choosing the fishing rod suitable to the specific fish that the angler wants to snag off or what fishing spot they want to go to. 

Fishing reel prices vary from each other greatly depending on their features, their style, and their overall functionality. Most trusted brands of fishing reels come with a warranty, so that counts as well. 

It is highly unlikely for an angler to focus more on fishing reels with a hefty price tag with a budget rod, so budgeting is also a huge factor. After all, one does not fish marlin using a spin cast reel or use an offshore reel to catch a panfish. So, here are the most widely used types of fishing reels and their functionalities. 

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  1. Spincast Reel

Newbies in fishing are completely aware of this reel since it is their first reel to catch fish. Spincast reels are known for their affordable price and user-friendly features, making them the easiest to use, especially for beginners. Most angler shops recommend starting with a spin-cast reel for those who are just starting in fishing. 

So, why is it the most recommended fishing reel for newbies in fishing? It is mainly because of its affordability and user-friendly features and above all, it is child-friendly and perfect for casual anglers who want to spend their weekend on the beach, open sea or the lake. 

  1. Baitcasting Reels

The baitcasting reel is considered the all-time favourite of most anglers in the world for many good reasons. For one, it prevents line twisting or tangled lines such as bird’s nests, which are very frustrating from an angler’s perspective. 

Another, the baitcasting reel is also a durable reel, perfect for long-distance casting in the open seas and sports fishing.

It also comes with two versions, light and heavy, depending on the angler’s preferences and the type of fish they want to catch. This type of reel provides the angler more control and precision in casting with minimal skill requirement compared to spinners. 

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  1. Overhead Reels

This type of reel is designed for overhead rods, which target the lure or the bait fishing where its main intention is to prevent casting. However, it is used to feed or troll out the line beneath the fishing vessel, such as a kayak or boat. 

An overhead reel is similar to the baitcasting reel as it also sits above the rod. The difference between the two is the baitcasting reel is a modernized variant of the more traditional overhead reel. 

  1. Fly Reels

Fly Reels are mainly designed for fly rods. It is traditionally built with simple construction and design but comes with a modern touch. 

It has a disc-type drag system that improves the drag adjustment, resistance, and consistency, perfect for big fish such as marlins, sailfish, and tuna. 

  1. Alvey Reels

Alvey reels are the type of fishing reels that are proudly Australian-made. It is highly popular among inland anglers in the Land Down Under for its simple but hard-wearing design. Alvey reels have a unique fixed spool reel that rotates on a hinge when it is cast. It allows the line to fly directly away from the spool for convenience and accuracy. 


Anglers should understand the importance of choosing the right type of reel before they head out fishing. The four types of reels listed above have unique features, mechanisms, and functionality which makes them advantageous in their way. 

Choosing the right type of reel provides the angler with the perfect pair for their fishing rod that feels very good with their grip, casting, and even fighting a big catch.