Top Avatars and Stickers for Vegan month

Charlotte Miller

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Avatars and Stickers marketing campaigns are the new cool. You won’t find any ad campaigns or brand awareness programs that don’t include avatars and stickers. A lot of brands and companies use only these two aspects to increase the awareness of their products and services.

 Have you ever been involved in sticker wars? A lot of your reading this might have. You know it is very fun to send funny stickers to your close ones and indulge in an entertaining way of conversation.

 During the time of lockdown too, it was stickers and avatars that kept our spirits alive and during that time. A new way of showing emotions is by stickers and avatars.

 Avatars are animated characters that represent an idea or a message. A lot of brands are using avatars for their brand endorsements and it has already become such a cool way of representing ideas and conveying messages as well.

 Similarly, a lot of stickers and avatars can be used this vegan month to promote its initiatives as well as your brand products. Some of the brands that sell vegan products, can use the medium of stickers and avatars in the month of November, which is also called Vegan Month.

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Are you a brand that wants to introduce some vegan products or services to the market? Well, October and November are the ideal months to do it. It is also a fantastic time to increase sales of a current weather item or to renew and upgrade your vegan selections with the help of these entertaining elements called avatars and stickers.

With the help of the promotion of your vegan products, you can also run brand campaigns that influence people to go vegan and they can understand the concept behind it.

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Let’s have a look at some of the unique and cool ways to promote vegan month by using stickers and avatars-

Go vegan posters: The best way to promote veganism is by adding posters in the form of stickers and avatars. This creates a great impact on the target audiences’ minds. You know how important it is for posters these days and thus, in the form of stickers and avatars you can promote veganism. 

An example of this has been pasted. People will also have the line “Go Vegan” in their minds once they read it. Did it just catch your mind as well?

There’s zero blood on my plate – To promote this cruelty free world and influence people to stop eating non-vegetarian food, a lot of stickers and avatars can be used. Avatars for chicken asking for help from people or maybe stickers of goat and cows faces can be used to ask people to care about them. 

This gives an emotional message to the people who are going to watch your campaigns this vegan month. Here’s an idea for it-

Giving out tasty recipes for vegan food items- the main idea of this vegan month is to influence people to stop eating and utilising any cruelty involved products. A lot of people who are non veg in turn into vegan after getting influenced from a lot of strong points and validations. 

You know you can convince people to go vegan by providing them tasty recipes of the vegan food items and tell them how healthy they are for their lifestyle as well. The main twist here is that you are going to convey this message in the form of Avatar and stickers. Who wouldn’t like this cool way which also involves these crazy elements?

Peace, love and no fur- you can also use this as a campaign to promote veganism in the products for our daily lifestyle as. Various clothing items are made of animal skin such as furry coats, leather shoes and clothes, silk items and so on. You can ask people to avoid buying these clothing items just to look cool because these clothing items are not cruelty free and hence, you’re wearing nothing but animal skin. 

A lot of people tend to ignore the fact that these products don’t create any problems for the animals but it is unimaginable how many problems animals go through while giving out their skins just for people to satisfy their fashion.

Hug animals, do not barbeque them- another idea that you can promote this week and month is that asking people to love animals and hug them and not just grill them just to satisfy their hunger. Have you ever witnessed the kind of people who say that they are lovers of animals but they end up having lots of non vegetarian items? 

Well, we have witnessed such people in our life and through stickers and others you can spread this awareness that in order to love the animals you can protect them instead of cutting them. Some of the ideas in a form of avatars and stickers are as follows-

These were some of the important ways through which you can promote veganism in the form of stickers and avatars. You can create your own stickers and others for your brand’s by maintaining its logo down below so that people share them more and more and you get the chance of brand awareness as well.

These days stickers and avatars campaigns are very high and demand and you need to make use of this very well structured opportunity. Try making as many stickers and avatars as possible just to promote your products and services to people and also the creative stickers are expected to be shared more and thus, you also get a proper set of target audience for you.