The Effect Technique of Video Editing on Social Media

Charlotte Miller

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Today social media are popular platforms for effective brand promotion. And videos are the main type of content that helps engage the audience and bring you success. Statistics say that video content on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and image content. 

The audience interacts with engaging video content, trusts your brand, and is more likely to acquire your products and services. But all this is possible only if you generate high-quality content that can grab people’s attention and call them to action. 

In this article, we will explore effective techniques for editing your social media videos. 

Why Social Media Videos Are So Popular

You’ve probably noticed that almost all social media platforms use video content nowadays. According to the statistics, videos account for more than 82% of consumer internet traffic in 2022. So there’s no wonder that YouTube, TikTik, Instagram, and Facebook are so popular and engage more and more users with short, entertaining videos. 

When you decide to create your videos for social media, you will be able to capture the audience’s attention in a few seconds as this type of content is easy to consume. You will also benefit from search optimization and rank high in search engine results. Videos drive conversion rates and give your brand a unique voice. 

So edit high-quality videos and communicate with your audience effectively through an engaging channel.
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Top Social Media Video Editing Tips 

Creating an enticing social media video requires much time, effort, and patience. You do not have to be a professional video editor to create top-quality content. Explore these editing tips and stand out with your fascinating videos. 

Use the Right Editing Tool

The most important video editing element is software. A good quality editing tool ensures fast and smooth editing and incredible results. There are lots of programs in the market, and it’s challenging to make the right choice. Choosing the best free video cutter, pay attention to rich functionalities, template and music libraries, trial period, and price, and do not forget to read testimonials. 

At the same time, a powerful computer and comfortable workplace would be a plus for professional social media video editing. You can definitely install a video editing app on your smartphone to create videos anywhere, but a computer with solid editing software is 100% a better choice. 

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Define Your Video Purpose

Before creating a video, decide the aim of your video and generate a corresponding plan. Create a video outline to save time and impress viewers. Your video may have different purposes like introducing new products, services, events, personalities, etc, educating or entertaining viewers, or showing them behind the scenes of your business or personal life. 

You will connect with your target audience when finding the audience’s interests and expectations. It’ll be useful to know the basic video content rules when you choose a platform to post a video. Tailor your content to social media to gain more views. For example, TikTok videos should be short and funny, while YouTube content may be long and informative.  

Keep It Short

Your video should be of appropriate length for the social media you use. Consider people have short attention spans, so engage them within the first ten seconds. YouTube allows video editors to post videos of any length or create engaging Shorts. Instagram provides different options for your video length, like 60-minute IGTVs and 60-second reels and stories. Twitter videos should be no longer than 45 seconds. 

Anyway, a short video will work better these days. Try to remove pauses and unnecessary elements to create a concise story. Make short videos a part of your social media content, and you will see that the audience interacts more actively with them. Shorter videos are easier to remember, distribute, and repurpose, so make use of short videos and appeal to emotions. 

Tell an Engaging Story

A well-edited video tells a story and has an introduction, main part, and a conclusion with a CTA. Narrating makes your video more engaging and attracts viewers’ attention. You can use several plot lines in a long video, but one plot line will engage people in a short one-minute video. The storytelling technique is effective for all video types, whether you edit promotional or personal social media videos. 

People love stories, and you can tell them in your video using captions, recording your voice, adding music, special effects, and smooth transitions. Try to evoke emotions so that your video leaves a positive impression. In order to achieve that, you should know your audience, create a narrative, and make it visually appealing. 

Include Subtitles/Captions

Social media videos are not only about good sound and attractive visuals, you should also provide your viewers with textual elements. Captions and subtitles will make your video more accessible as very often, people are forced to watch videos without sound or have hearing impairments. Besides, subtitles increase your SEO ranking, especially when you give a video transcription on a site with relevant keywords. 

If you think that creating subtitles for a video is a long and boring process, you are wrong, as many tools generate subtitles automatically. Choose professional tools for high-quality subtitling. You should incorporate textual information into your video to make it readable but not distract from visuals. Visit to get the latest information related to video editing.


So start editing your amazing social media video now with these easy tips. Use professional tools, tell an engaging, concise story complemented with good music, and do not overdo with transitions and effects. We wish you good luck and hope you will achieve success with your future social media video projects.