8 Proven B2B Sales Techniques To Attract More Clients

Charlotte Miller

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8 Proven B2B Sales Techniques To Attract More Clients

What is B2B Sales?

B2B sales refers to selling your product/service to another business in order to help them in a specific process. For example, Zoom offers video conferencing services to businesses for their meetings. You need to be careful while selecting sales strategies for B2B. Unlike B2C, it involves meetings and presentations with many higher officials of the business to close a deal. Now, there are numerous sales tools available in the market. By choosing the right one and implementing suitable sales strategies, B2B sales can be made easier.

Challenges In B2B Sales

B2B sales is not just about getting the prospect and closing a deal. It extends way beyond that. As a business owner, you should have a strong presence on social media to voice out your ideas and to grab people’s attention. Once you get that, you have to make them firmly believe in your product/service and how it transforms their business.

The major challenges are faced in B2B sales while,

  • Getting prospect’s attention
  • Generating high-quality leads
  • Making people engage by adding value
  • Building and maintaining trust among customers
  • Sales Prospecting and a healthy sales pipeline
  • Creating a strong, unique reason to buy your product
  • Getting referrals through good customer experience 

To overcome these challenges, you should know a few B2B sales strategies and tactics that will help your business progress.

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B2B Sales Strategies and Tactics

Concentrating on each and every stage of the sales cycle, we have curated a list of sales strategies for B2B below:

  • Know Your Ideal Buyer Persona

Research. Repeat it until you find your ideal customer profile accurately. That is the best way to target the right set of audience for your product. The B2B sales process is a bit complicated since you can’t reach all your prospects through traditional methods like cold calling. But by knowing your ideal customer and creating content that attracts them, you can reach them as well. Start by collecting the data through sources such as interviews, surveys, social media analysis, etc., and decode your ideal buyer persona.

  • Leverage the Power Of Content Marketing

Content is everywhere. But the words that have the power to attract the target audience are the ones that will bring you leads. Invest in enhancing your website looks by adding testimonials and blog articles. This improves the credibility of your brand and increases your domain authority. A survey says that the B2B decision-making process is influenced by product comparisons by 65%, success stories by 60%, and 67% by product specifications & functionality.

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  • Use Appropriate Sales Tools

Tools that help your sales team like video conferencing tools, meeting planners, document sharing apps, sales productivity apps, etc. are available in the market. Invest wisely in the right ones. For example, Zoom and Calendly will help your sales reps schedule the meetings hassle-free. Similarly, the Lystloc app has features like meeting notes, task management, location-based attendance, live tracking, and field sales reports which helps your sales employees to navigate the tasks for the day promptly and update the status of each and every task instantly. 

  • Don’t Underestimate Follow-Ups

Follow-ups are powerful if done properly. Even a cold lead will turn into your customer if your sales reps use the power of timely follow-ups. By saving your lead’s data and meeting notes in the Lystloc app, you can fetch them at any point of time in the future to know the status of the last meeting and plan the follow-ups. Do proper research, polish your sales pitch, and try a different approach to make the sale happen. Utilize a platform to help with call analytics and conversation intelligence.

  • Personalize

Personalize everything that you use to approach your leads. Be it a sales pitch, emails, calls, messages, offers, or any other means of contact, give a human, personal touch to everything. Remember though you are selling your product to a business, the decision maker is a human being who is filled with emotions.

  • Build Referral Connections

Even in this digital era, a business can get customers through word-of-mouth/referrals. This can be achieved only when you nurture customer relationships well. If the customer experience is amazing, then whatever they speak about your product will be favorable for your business. Get them talking about your product.

  • Align Sales and Marketing

The role of the marketing and sales team are complementary. To get new customers and to make sales happen, both these teams should work together. Once they align, your business will get high-quality leads resulting in higher revenue.

  • Case Studies & Success Stories

Let the world know about your business, what you did in the past, how the idea bloomed, and how it progressed. People love stories. Use it to create brand awareness. Also, by publishing the case studies and positive feedback you receive for your product will make your product stand out in the marketplace.

Bottom Line

Hope the above B2B sales strategy examples are useful. There are many other strategies based on your industry or product. Pick, implement and track the progress. The time taken to see the progress may vary from business to business but the results will be fruitful in the long run. Use tools like Lystloc to save your time and increase productivity. Ending with an apt saying, “Sales is not just selling anymore, it’s about building trust and educating”.