The Approach of Candidates Towards Staffing Firms

Charlotte Miller

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Finding a job starts from networking, collecting data, making a curriculum vitae and cover letter, and finally, interviewing and waiting for the appointment calls is a full-time job. In this overall process, what should be a temp staffing role for job seekers?

A staffing agency is also called a temporary staffing firm, temp agency, or recruiting agency. A staffing agency is an organization that compares job seekers with companies’ requirements for any specific post. By registering with several temporary staffing agencies, job seekers can get the right match for the job openings in various entities. Candidates can save their resources by finding job opportunities through temporary staffing agencies when they wouldn’t see for themselves.

Here we have explained few tips for job-seeking candidates on what they have to do and what they should expect from temporary staffing agencies.

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  1. Select the honorable staffing agency:

All temporary staffing agencies are not the same. Before establishing any relationship with any temp agency, a candidate should research it. It should ensure it has all the qualities that assist someone in achieving his career and professional goals and consider that it provides basic staffing services or targets a particular industry.

  1. Registration process:

A candidate can initiate the procedure with a temp agency by submitting a CV and cover letter. Once the agency obtains the documents, the applicant may be asked for a skills test and an evaluation procedure with their recruitment team. A temp agency expert can assist an applicant in improvising his resume, preparing him for further interviews, and discussing local established hiring trends.

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  1. Interview process:

An applicant must maintain his interview approach with a temp agency the same as giving an evaluation test with an employer. A staffing agency’s main purpose is not to drill applicants but to seek the best job opportunity for them, which matches their profile.

Even if an applicant is approaching remotely, he must be well-dressed, perfectly groomed, and fully prepared for the overall process. He must be well aware of the basics of working environment rules, his career objectives, and workplace preferences. If an applicant has known about a particular entity against which he is applying, he must gather some information and research to ask relevant questions.

  1. Beforehand decision of temporary or full-time job:

Employers often take temp agency services to approach candidates for temporary or project-based assignments, and sometimes they are looking for full-time workers. Aside from these, candidates can be required to transfer their working arrangements from temporary to full-time positions. For many people, this schedule can be suitable for both the employers and employees; this arrangement can be a significant standing to get to know each other before starting a long-term relationship.

Before creating any commitment, a candidate must clarify whether he wants short-term, long-term, or temporary-to-permanent employment. At last, such arrangements assist all the parties like candidate, recruiter, or temp agency to make significant working decisions.

  1. Commence the job searching:

After interviewing the candidate, the temp agency will be ready to show him with more than his CV. At this stage, it’ll have a fully cleared picture of the candidate’s hard and soft qualities (mostly communication skills) and short and long-term career objectives.

The whole procedure sounds similar to applying for a job, and yeah, it is the same. But once the staffing agency gets its viable candidate for placement, it applies its contacts at relevant entities and searches for open posts depending upon the qualifications, skill sets, and preferences matched with the applicant working profile.

  1. Respond as early as possible:

If a staffing firm approaches the applicant for an open position, he must not delay this opportunity. Most of the jobs have to be staffed as early as possible, and he must not delay or miss out on a good opportunity. Once the recruiter obtains a potential match, it arranges an interview with its client.

Some temporary staffing agencies negotiate pay rates and other engagement terms on the applicant’s behalf. They may even see all the associated paperwork for them, so only they have to do is show up at a new gig.

  1. Keep connected with the recruiter:

If an applicant doesn’t get any interview calls, he must approach his agency representative that what they can do to enhance their chances. On the other side, if he got successful, he must notify the temp agency again. Temporary staffing agency personnel could assist him in landing the role; Above all, candidates must contact the recruiter.


If any candidate is finding a job, he must ensure that a temp agency is reliable towards the employment arrangements. At the very start of the procedure, they must take care of all the important steps and guidelines a temporary staffing agency provided them to follow. So a smooth relationship can be established.