5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Credit

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Thinking about credit and how to improve it is vital for every individual. Because at some point, you will need it whether it is for business or personal use. Plus, when you have an excellent credit score, it will save you a lot of money. This is because it helps showcase your financial history and your credit report score will help banks, net 30 office supply companies, and other lenders decide whether they should approve you for credit. Therefore, there are many questions that people ask that will help to understand more than just the basics when it comes to credit. Below are important questions to ask yourself about credit.

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  1. How can I start building credit?

This is a common question, especially for people that do not have any credit history. Firstly, it is best to get a secured credit card. When you get approval for this card, you will have to put in a security deposit and the amount you put in is your credit limit. Because secured cards report to credit bureaus it is one way to start building credit. Once issuers see you are responsible with a secured credit card, you get a transfer to an unsecured card, with an increase in credit limit. Thus, from here you continuously build your credit as you use your card responsibly. 

  1. How does cosigning on someone’s loan affect my credit?

Deciding to cosign someone’s loan should not be taken lightly. Because as you cosign this loan, you are using your good credit to boost someone’s loan approval. As a result, your credit score will be affected by both the negative and positive activity about that loan. For instance, in case the other person defaults or misses a payment, your credit goes lower. This has happened to many people. Therefore, it is vital to weigh the pros and cons well before agreeing to cosign. 

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  1. Does having too many cards affect my credit?

How you use the cards is more important than the number of credit cards that you have. This is because you can have many credit cards with good credit. Still, you can have one or two and maintain an excellent credit score. What is important is to remember that the more credit cards you have, the more easily you can miss a payment. To ensure that your credit benefits, ensure that you keep up with monthly payments. Importantly, ensure that you do not charge items that are too expensive for you to afford at the end of the month as this leads to credit card debt. 

  1. After declaring bankruptcy is there hope for my credit? 

There is hope for your credit after declaring bankruptcy. Although it will take some time to rebuild your credit. Once an individual declares bankruptcy, if you had a good credit score rating it drops by fairly 150 points. If you had an excellent credit score it takes even a bigger hit. This makes it a challenge to apply for many types of credit. Therefore, start to rebuild slowly by applying for a secured credit card as discussed above. As you make your payments on time and in full, your credit should improve. 

  1. Does clearing a loan faster hurt my credit? 

Sometimes when you clear your loan faster than the payment terms agreed, it can hurt your credit but not by much. Plus, it is beneficial to have less debt than avoid the result of losing a few points on your credit score. Notably, when you have only one line of credit, closing the account after paying it off will affect your credit. Plus, when you have a variety of credit, it is good for your credit as it shows you are good at managing various types of debt. 

To sum up, the above questions are some that you should ask yourself about credit. Whether it is for personal or business purposes. Although most people feel chagrin asking some of them. It is vital to get the right information on credit to ensure that you build it, and have a good credit report to be beneficial to you when you need it. Since it can help you save a lot of dollars.