How to Save Tax in a Private Limited Company?

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Establishing a private limited company can give you a lot more benefits in terms of the taxes you need to pay each year when compared to working as a self-employed individual. Yes, you might need to prepare the fund as your company’s capital at first, but the capital will be quite small, as you are building a private limited company. Also, the capital you use will help you save on the business taxes you need to pay. Check out TaxConnex for more information about business taxes.

There are various methods you can use to save tax for your private limited company. Here are some tips to save tax in a private limited company:

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  • Preliminary Expenses Deductions

You can file the claim for deductions in your preliminary expenses for your private limited company. The preliminary expenses are the expenses you need to spend at the time you establish the company for the first time. There will be some expenses you need to spend the first time you build your private company, such as printing costs, legal-related expenses, professional fees, and many others.

You can include these expenses in the tax report you file for your business in the first year. You can get some nice savings on your tax payments by doing that.

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  • Deductions for Rent Expenses and Asset Depreciation

You can also claim deductions for your rent expenses and asset depreciation. Renting a place to run your business will give you the eligibility to save on your tax payments if you claim it as deductions. You can also claim deductions for the depreciating assets you have in your business. Remember, not all assets in your business will have fixed value. 

Some assets can depreciate, and you will need to spend some money to keep maintaining those assets. You can include these depreciation costs in your deduction claim to save on your business taxes.

  • Salaries for Directors and Family Members

You can include salaries as expenses in a private limited company. So, instead of giving your directors the dividends from the company’s profits, you can pay them regular salaries. This can qualify as expenses in your company, which you can claim as deductions. It will help you save money on the business taxes you will need to pay later.

Also, when you hire family members in your company, paying salaries to them will also qualify as deductions in your business tax payments. You can save money on your business taxes if you hire family members and pay them salaries in your company. You can also save on other types of business taxes by doing this.


Building and running a private limited company might be more complicated than running your own business as a self-employed person. With the private limited company, there’s more legal stuff you need to deal with, and you will also need to handle more business taxes along the way. However, owning a private limited company can also help you in the long run, by saving on various business taxes that you need to pay. 

These are various methods you can follow to save on business taxes with your private limited company. Also, the government will often give you additional benefits of running this type of business entity in the country.