Rodent crisis in Detroit: Why has it become so serious?

Charlotte Miller

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Rodent crisis in Detroit

Rodent infestation isn’t uncommon in Detroit. All they need are gaps as small as ¼”, and they’ll find a residence in your home. 

Now, it might seem easy to get rid of mice and rats initially, but once you see the damage they do from your eyes, you will right away understand why people freak out so easily and call professional pest control service providers instead.

You can learn more about the rodent emergency in Detroit below.

How to identify the presence of rodents at home? 

It’s simple, you can easily see something as big as mice and rats – says who? These rodents are shy! Yes! By the time you get to see one, there could be tens of them inside your house already. 

So, you’ve got to keep your eyes open and look for the signs listed below. 

  1. If you find your furniture, cable wires, cushions and curtains, sofas chewed, mice and rats have already started the damage. 
  2. They’re shy, but only through the day. Mice and rats feed mostly at night. So, squeaky noises are another major thing to be considered.
  3. Mice droppings and rat droppings aren’t hard to miss. You’ll see them before you see the mouse.

If you can remotely see any of these signs, the menace of rodents has already begun. You need to hire professionals to tackle the situation.

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What attracts rodents?

Rodents are needy, clingy pests. They’re forever hungry and in need of shelter. So, three major encouragement that drives them inside homes is food, shelter, and water. 

You can’t throw your pantry out of your house, but, what you should do is dispose of the garage. 

Don’t keep trash bags inside your house: remember, rats eat almost everything they can find, trash is no exception. Mice do have certain choices, but rats don’t. 

So, keeping your house clean is the first thumb rule. 

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Why do you need pest control service providers?

Buy a rat trap, leave it at different corners, and that’s all that’s needed to get rid of rats – it’s what most of us think!

Sadly, getting rid of rodents is not easy. They eat a lot, are very smart in hiding, and reproduce quickly.

Did you know that rats mate more than 500 times every year and once they do, they can give birth to 12 rat barbies every single time?

Now, this is one rat we’re talking about! Imagine what tens and twenties can become in less than 2 months!

A mousetrap cannot get rid of rodents. Many combination methods have to be used at the same time to get rid of rodents completely. And it’s not a one-time service as well.  

In a nutshell, only professionals have that many resources and that much time. So, get in touch with an expert in your area today.