Hiring car accident attorneys in California: Answering top questions

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Hiring car accident attorneys in California

Following an unfortunate auto accident in California, you may find yourself grappling with injuries, income losses, pain, and suffering. If the accident happened because the other driver was drunk, speeding, or negligent, you could recover compensation for your suffering. Although not necessary, you may want to consult an attorney for your case. Top law firms such as Kalfayan Merjanian, LLP often offer a free initial consultation for accident victims, which could be a great opportunity to know an attorney. We have answered the top questions related to car accident attorney Huntington beach

When should you hire a lawyer after a car accident?

No law in California makes it mandatory to hire an attorney after an auto accident. However, legal advice is dispensable when dealing with the aftermath of the crash. Call a lawyer if – 

  • You have sustained serious injuries
  • You believe that you were partly at fault
  • You have suffered incapacitating injuries
  • There were more than two vehicles involved
  • The accident involved a commercial truck

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How much does it cost to get a lawyer?

You shouldn’t have to pay a personal injury attorney until you win. Such an arrangement is called the contingency fee. The lawyer gets a part of the settlement only if you make a recovery from the other party or their insurer. The contingency fee may vary, but most lawyers take between 25% and 40%. 

What are the benefits of having a lawyer?

When you hire an attorney, you don’t have to deal with anything related to the car accident claim. They will deal with the insurance work, negotiate with the claims adjuster, and if needed, they will file an injury lawsuit in court. Most car accident lawsuits in CA are settled through out-of-court settlements. 


How to find a good lawyer?

Look for an attorney who specializes in handling car accident lawsuits in particular. When you call a law firm, ask about their top lawyers and settlements, and don’t hesitate to ask the tough questions. Experience and expertise are two fundamental factors for selecting a lawyer. Also, you need to consider if the lawyer has a good personality. It is important to feel comfortable around an attorney so that you can discuss the car accident in detail. For instance, if you had a share in fault, you should be able to admit that to the lawyer. 

Get an attorney soon after the car accident for information and guidance.