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Full luscious lips are the rage today in a world where everyone is happy to share their selfies on social media. There are different ways to plump lips up, including lip injections, lip fillers, lip implants, or fat injections. Depending on your genes, you may not have been born with the full, plump, or luscious lips you would desire to complete your face. Moreover, the thinning effect of aging on the lips and the fine lines that appear around your mouth over time can make your lips appear thinner. This is where lip augmentation comes in. 

Lip augmentation refers to a procedure that can enhance the appearance of your lips, giving you plump and fuller lips. It is meant to increase the size of your lips, whether you simply want fuller lips or to reverse the signs of aging. These days injectable dermal fillers are the commonly used form of lip augmentation. However, it is vital to take your time to decide the right procedure for your unique needs. Keep in mind that different lip procedures use different methods to achieve fuller lips, and they vary in effectiveness.

There are two common types of lip augmentation: lip fillers, sometimes known as lip injections, and lip implants. Each lip augmentation procedure has its pros and cons, and you get to decide depending on the outcome you want.

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Lip injections

Lip injections is a term used interchangeably with lip fillers. It is often the first procedure many women explore to fill out thin lips because it is affordable, safe, and quick. Lip injections involve injecting collagen or any other filler material into one or both lips using a needle. One commonly used lip filler is hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the human body. 

The doctor applies a topical numbing agent before the injection, and sometimes nerve block injections may be necessary to numb the lips completely. The experience is similar to the anesthetic injections you get at the dentist’s office to numb the mouth. Then the doctor uses very fine needles to inject the lip filler into your lip.

Dermal fillers also used in anti-wrinkle injection improve the appearance of your lips by adding volume, shape, and structure. It is a form of gel that supports and shapes the tissues of the lips once injected, and since it is made of the same substance found in your body, an allergic reaction is unlikely. You can also decide to use fat from elsewhere in your body for your lip injection.

The best thing about lip injections is that the procedure is less invasive than lip implants and costs about half its cost. However, lip injections do not give a long-lasting solution as the surgical procedure. For instance, if your surgeon uses hyaluronic acid as the lip filler, the result will likely last six months to a year. Lip injections that use fat from elsewhere in the body can be longer-lasting, but there is also the risk of the fat being reabsorbed into your body, making it unreliable.

Another benefit of lip fillers is that the doctor has more control over how much lip volume results as they can control the amount of filler injected. You can attend several sessions in different appointments until you get the desired results. The results are reasonably lasting but not permanent.

The pain you experience during a lip injection procedure is minimal, and you can continue with routine daily tasks immediately after, so there is no downtime. Lip injection is the ideal solution if you don’t want a surgical form of lip augmentation, such as going under the knife. However, you require several lip-filling sessions to keep the results consistent. 

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Lip implants

Lip implants involve the insertion of tiny silicone strips into your lips via an incision in one or both of your lips. Just like breast implants, different sizes of implants can be inserted into the lips, depending on your needs. The surgical procedure is safe, quick, and produces efficient results. 

You may also have heard of fat injections for lip implants. Inserting fat can give unreliable results because some fat cells may die during the procedure due to the massage effect. 

The benefit of lip implants is that a single implanting session is a long-lasting solution, and you need several visits to the surgeon. It is ideal if you want fuller lips that will last long. However, lip implants also cost more than lip injections. The process is also considered very invasive because it involves surgery, but it is a relatively safe procedure.

The bottom line

Lip injections and lip fillers are terms used interchangeably. Lip injections refer to the procedure done to plump the lips, while lip fillers refer to the material injected into the lips to plump them. You can opt for lip injections or lip implants depending on your needs and desired look.