Play to Earn Games for Android

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Play to Earn Games for Android

Friendly saying before the boom in mobile phone technology and internet service it is not easy for people to find good earning sources to get extra money in their free time. But now in 2022 everyone who has a smartphone and internet connection can boost their income by using different earning apps and playing to earn games for free.

Before mobile phones and internet technology people who wanted to earn extra money faced so many hustles like time management, traveling, and many more issues. But now people can easily earn extra money anywhere at any time at their fingertips by completing a simple online task and playing games.

If you look for money-earning ways or apps on the internet you will get tons of different sources and apps which help you. People only need to choose a worthy app or platform which helps them to earn real money.

Friendly saying it is not possible to choose the best app or platform from a huge number without getting information about that app which you have chosen. If you are looking for the best game to earn money with entertainment then you must try the famous online card gaming platform on your smartphone and tablet.

Friendly saying every online video game player has it is based on the taste of the game like some players love playing cards games, few like a board game, teenagers mostly love fighting, action, simulation and other types of game.

So, players have to choose that gaming platform from the internet which allows them to earn money by playing their favorite game genre. Because it provides players both entertainment and money under a single platform.

In this article, we have to try to mention a few gaming platforms which help players to earn money by playing different types o games on their smartphones and tablets for free. If you want to get information about different gaming platforms then read this whole article.

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What are Play to Earn Games?

As the name indicates these special android gaming platforms or apps which help android users to earn money online by playing different games and also performing different tasks and missions online with little investment and service charges.

One thing to keep in mind is using these gaming platforms or apps which help you to earn money that won’t make you rich. So don’t quit your full-time job for these types of apps and games because these are mostly made for fun purposes and also encourage the player to play the real game.

If you want to increase pocket money online by utilizing your spare time which you waste on different social websites and apps then you must try these below-mentioned gaming platforms which help you to earn money using your gaming skills for free.

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Top play to Earn Games platforms for android users in 2022


This gaming platform is specially released for gamers in 2017 which pays money and other rewards to players who play the game through this gaming platform. It is specifically made for android users only and currently; it is listed among the most used gaming platforms on the internet.

Skillz Games

This gaming platform is specially made for gamers from the USA where players get a chance to win prizes worth more than $100 million every month by playing different simple games online from their smartphone and tablet.

Other Gaming platforms

Apart from the above platform players will get a huge number of platforms on the internet like,

  • InboxDollars
  • Drop
  • Sweatcoin
  • Swagbucks
  • MyPoints
  • Long Game
  • Swagbucks LIVE
  • Coin Pop App
  • Bananatic

How to download and use play to earn gaming platforms on android devices?

These gaming platforms are simple like other android apps and games which are available on both official and third-party websites on the internet. To download them from the official app store users need to access the play store and install them for free.

However, to download them from third-party websites users first need to download the apk file of the gaming platform then install it on their smartphone and tablet by allowing all necessary permissions and also enabling unknown sources to form security settings.

After installing the gaming platform users need to complete all other formalities which are required for accessing these platforms. After completing all formalities now, they will get different tasks, missions, and other things that users have to c0mplete in the provided time to earn money.

One thing to keep in mind while investing money or providing important data to these apps is that most of these apps are used by hackers to hack users’ necessary data. So before using these apps first verify them from any source and then provide your important and also invest money.

Final Words,

Play to Earn Games are simple android apps and games which are specially designed gaming platforms for a gamer to utilize their gaming skills by earning money and other rewards. If you want to utilize your gaming skills then you must try these gaming platforms on your device and also share them with other gamers so that more players will get the advantage of these gaming platforms.