Pain Relief Treatment: Using Red Light Therapy At Home

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Pain is one of the most common symptoms of many diseases. Whether it’s from arthritis, neuropathy, chronic pain from injuries, or any other condition, pain can be excruciating and debilitating. There are several causes of pain, including inflammation, tissue damage, nerve damage, and more. But don’t worry—there is help available! Red light therapy can help relieve some types of pain from certain causes. Though red light therapy’s effectiveness for reducing pain is a well-accepted fact, in this blog, we are not going to simply confirm the previous fact, but elaborate on what types of pain red light therapy is proven effective for and how to make a decision for your at-home red light therapy for pain alleviation.

Cure your pain using at-home red light therapy

Reduce pain from inflammation

Inflammation can typically cause pain because the tissue of the swollen, inflamed area pushes against nerve endings. There is increasing evidence that linked oxidative stress with several chronic diseases with chronic inflammation. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have a function in the immune response, while too much oxidative stress will lead to inflammation. Red light therapy’s anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects are well studied by scientists today. One study thoroughly explored the mechanisms that induce the anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects of red light therapy. The study identified the gene expression profile in relation to ROS scavenging and anti-inflammation as the core of the modulation of intracellular ROS levels. 

In PMA-induced inflammatory conditions, which led to strong ROS generation and inhibition of SPHK1, it was observed that LED red light at 625 nm displayed anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, likely via up-regulation of the SPHK1 gene expression, which is a critical regulator of the balance between cell proliferation and apoptosis. 

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Reduce pain from nerve damage

There are several reasons that can cause nerve damage, including trauma, injuries, obesity, diabetes, motor neuron diseases, and certain infectious and autoimmune diseases. The pain caused by tissue damage is also related to damage to nerve endings. Several studies found hope that red light therapy can encourage neuron repair and regeneration to improve the health of the nervous system. One study found that both red and near-infrared light therapy promoted the healing processes of regenerated tissue and nerve regeneration. Chamber fluid is released from nerve stumps after a nerve injury, and the neurotrophic factors in the fluid may further stimulate axonal growth. 

Reduce musculoskeletal pain through RLT

Some pain caused by structural damage, such as muscle or ligament strain, bulging or ruptured disks, arthritis, osteoporosis, and even more, can also benefit from red light therapy to reduce painful feelings. The nerve endings in musculoskeletal disorders are very superficial in nature and thus easily reached by red and near-infrared wavelengths. One study using red light therapy for back pain found that the direct effect of low-level light therapy is initiated at the epidermal neural network and then has a downstream influence on nerves in subcutaneous tissues, sympathetic ganglia, and the neuromuscular junctions within muscles and nerve trunks. It is discovered that red light therapy at a sufficient level of irradiance causes a certain level of neural blockade within the short term and the light therapy to a peripheral nerve has a cascade impact of synaptic activity suppression in subordinate neurons so that cortical areas of the pain matrix would not be activated. 

Other common impacts of red light therapy, including promoting angiogenesis, enhancing neovascularization, and increasing collagen synthesis, can as well benefit structural damage and reduce musculoskeletal pain, which has been well documented in this study. In some cases, such as early-stage arthritis caused by wearing cartilage, the stimulated production of collagen, which is the main component of cartilage, can even heal arthritis. 

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Bestqool red light therapy devices

Pain Relief Treatment: Using Red Light Therapy At Home

Using red light therapy at home is an effective and convenient treatment for reducing pain, and has several applications in many diseases. But it can be incredibly frustrating to choose the best at-home red light therapy devices for your medical needs. When choosing a red light therapy, it is never unnecessary to remember the following points: 

1) Make sure the devices you choose are medical-grade and differentiated from gray products by being authorized by official bodies. 

2) Double check the parameters of a red light therapy device. What determines the efficacy of red light therapy are the emitting wavelengths, irradiance levels, and size of the treatment area. 

3) Safety concerns are never least. You should nevertheless include these considerations in the list of selling points: if the devices are processed by a cooling system; if the warmth of the light is tolerable; if the EMF level is harmless to the human body; and so on. 

Too high a level of irradiance will finally cause extreme heat to damage cells instead of healing them.

Bestqool products are able to apply advanced LED technology to provide monochromatic wavelengths with stability and coherence. Though most brands in this market are able to produce red and near-infrared light, a cluster of mixed wavelengths won’t bring you extra benefits, and Bestqool is qualified with leading LED manufacturing technology to produce the most effective wavelength within the narrow band of medical light treatment, i.e., red at 660 nm and near-infrared light at 830 nm. With controllable irradiance levels as high as 100 mW/cm^2, Bestqool products can guarantee the efficacy of treatment. Using 10 minutes of our products is equal to 20 minutes of others. All Bestqool products are FDA-proven as safe and effective FDA Class II medical devices and ETL-certified to abide by the highest standards of electrical devices. Without EMFs at a distance of 3 inches, Bestqool highly prioritizes the safety of our products and the health of our customers’ needs. All Bestqool products are combined with a three-year warranty, and it is our conviction and best intentions that what we do at our best will ensure the success of our customers’ light treatments.