Attorney For Car Accidents In Sacramento

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Attorney For Car Accidents In Sacramento

An auto accident is often scary and out of the blue. After a crash, you may find yourself in a lot of emotional, physical, and financial pain. An experienced accident lawyer could help you file a claim for bodily injury and ask for money to cover your losses.

The caring lawyers have stood up to insurance companies when they were hard on their clients. We know how vital a settlement from insurance or a jury award can be after a Sacramento Car Accident Attorney. Our law firm has years of experience that will help you with your injury case. We take on cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t have to pay us anything unless we win your case.

Some of the most common reasons for car accidents are:

  • Drunk driving
  • Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Running stop signs or red lights
  • Speeding \sTailgating
  • Driving while texting
  • Getting in and out of traffic

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How to Handle a Car Accident?

When this happens, your first steps could affect how much money you can get back. Follow these important steps to protect yourself and your loved ones:

  • Stay where the accident happened.
  • Check for injuries on yourself and other people.
  • If you need it, call for medical help at the scene.
  • Tell the police in your area about the accident.
  • Ask the officers who came to help for a copy of the accident report.
  • Give the other driver your information and ask for theirs.
  • Find witnesses and ask for their contact details.
  • Take pictures of any injuries you can see and the car accident scene.
  • Contact your car insurance company right away to report the accident.

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What Causes Most Car Accidents?

Our law firm handles a lot of cases that come from the following kinds of Sacramento Car Accident Attorney:

Distracted driving: If drivers take their eyes off the road, they may be more likely to hit other cars. 

Drunk drivers cause many traffic accidents, including some that are very bad and kill or hurt many people. If this happens in California, an auto accident lawyer may sue the person who caused the accident for punitive damages.

Hit-and-Run Accidents: When a driver hits someone else and then leaves the accident scene, a car accident lawyer can hire a private investigator to help the person who was hurt find the person who was at fault.

Defects in Motor Vehicles: By law, Automakers must design and build cars that meet federal safety standards. One sign of a bad car is a problem with the fuel system that causes a fire or explosion after a car crash. On the other hand, a faulty battery in an electric car could cause the car to catch fire or be completely engulfed in flames. 

Before we can claim auto product liability, we must keep the car in question in reasonable condition until an accident lawyer has looked at it for possible flaws. Talk to the best car accident lawyer in Sacramento about your options for getting your money back to find out more.