Arizona Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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Arizona Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Have you hurt yourself at work in Arizona? That can help you get the workers’ compensation you deserve. Our lawyers help people who get hurt at work and can help you determine if you can get benefits for your injuries and then fight for the most money you are legally entitled to.

If you got hurt on the job in Arizona, you might have to pay a lot for medical care and lose pay. If you want to learn new skills, you may need vocational rehabilitation. Workers’ compensation benefits in Arizona workers comp lawyers that can help you get money when you get hurt on the job. We aim to help you get those benefits if you are eligible.

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Here’s What workers’ Comp in Arizona Pays For:

Accidents or injuries at work

Loss of pay: You might lose money when you take time off work to get better. Payments will be based on how much you usually made each month before you got hurt.

Care that goes on for more serious injuries: Serious injuries may need surgery and physical therapy for weeks or months to heal.

Illnesses caused by work: Work conditions or substances bad for your health can make you sick.

Repetitive injuries: Strains that happen repeatedly can lead to injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Costs of the funeral and death benefits: If a worker dies at work because of an accident, we may give these benefits to the worker’s family.

Disability benefits:  That has very skilled workers’ compensation lawyers who have helped people in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson, Prescott Valley, and all over Arizona with their claims. We know what the rules are for workers’ comp in Arizona. We know how to fight for the benefits you need and are entitled to.

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Get Workers   Comp Insurance 

In Arizona, if you own a business employing one person or a thousand, you must get workers’ compensation insurance. You can give insurance to people who work for you or themselves. 

Offer Employees The Option Of Waving Insurance

People who offer workers’ comp insurance in Arizona must put up a sign in the workplace telling workers they can choose not to have it. If an employee does this and must do it voluntarily and in writing, they keep the right to file a civil lawsuit if they are hurt. Also, if an employer doesn’t tell an employee they have the right to drop insurance coverage, you could sue the employer in civil court if the employee gets hurt. Employees should always talk to an employee rights lawyer if they have any questions or concerns during this process.

Give Out Information To Do With Injuries 

If an employee gets hurt on the job, the employer must give the person broken the correct information so they can file a claim. They must tell the injured person the name and address of their workers’ compensation insurance company, their policy number, and the date that coverage will end.

Join In On Investigation 

We must investigate the accident, injury, or illness with the employer’s help. They can’t hide evidence, stop witnesses from testifying or keep important information from the court. Any records, photos, videos, or other information related to a claim or civil lawsuit must be available.