Medical Errors and Negligence: Pursuing a Birth Injury Claim 

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Medical Errors and Negligence: Pursuing a Birth Injury Claim 

The birth of a child gives joy to every family. But if a child sustains an injury during labor and delivery, the excitement can turn into shock and frustration. Family members may need to adjust their lives to care for the injured child. Also, the child may need immediate medical attention and long-term care if they sustained an injury because of a birth injury. 

If you are a parent of a newborn who has been harmed during birth, you may want to consider taking legal action against the responsible medical team. Although the compensation you can get through a settlement or verdict would not eliminate the injury your child has suffered, it could give you the means to care for them moving forward. If your family has been affected by medical errors that result in a birth injury, you should contact a reliable medical malpractice attorney to help you pursue the justice and compensation your family deserves. 

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Birth Injuries that Result from Medical Negligence

Birth injuries are functional deteriorations that a newborn can sustain due to a traumatic event that happened during labor, delivery, or both. This event and the serious injury may result from a medical provider’s negligence or omission. A lot of medical experts treat mothers and babies with the utmost care. But an improper performance of duties or oversight can lead to birth injuries. Medical negligence such as improper use of delivery instruments and improper medication administration, as well as failure to diagnose medical conditions and respond to fetal distress can result in birth injuries. 

The majority of medical experts will deny liability for their negligence. Also, proving these kinds of claims can be hard. But a medical malpractice lawyer knows how to investigate this kind of case and consult with medical professionals to determine whether negligence happened in the birth injury case of a child. 

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Compensation for Birth Injuries

A birth injury can cause overwhelming emotional and financial burdens to both the parents and the child. If the negligence of a medical expert during pregnancy or delivery led to a birth injury, parents can pursue damages such as past and future medical expenses, diminished quality of life, pain and suffering, special education costs, and emotional distress. 

The kind of damages and the compensation amount that can be sought depending on the circumstances and facts of a case. Because of this, families must meet with a skilled lawyer who can investigate and evaluate the possible liability as well as damages in the birth injury case of a child. 

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