How to choose a gamepad for a PC?

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How to choose a gamepad for a PC?

Most games fit a keyboard with a mouse, so some players don’t even think about buying this device. However, the gamepad is a very useful gadget, without which it is impossible to enjoy some games. First of all, the controller is very suitable for types of games such as sports simulators, racing, fighting, as well as platforms.

The fact is that a large number of game products are first created under the console, and only then are they transferred to computers. Because of this, controlling a mouse and keyboard can seriously affect the perception of a good game. Remember, before buying a gamepad, you need to think about which games will be used. For fans of action and shooters (FPS), the controller should not seem like an important thing, and therefore we do not recommend spending money on it as such.

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Type of connection

Like many other manipulators, controls can be wired and wireless. It is necessary to quickly determine at what distance from the computer the game will take place. If you play in front of the monitor itself, it is not necessary to look at something wireless. 

The wire, of course, can be confused and cause discomfort when connecting, however, its advantages seem to be more important than the disadvantages. First, it is not necessary to restore the wired gamepad – just connect it to the computer and enjoy its capabilities. Second, the wired controller is a little cheaper, which will help to save on it and spend extra money on important things. Here, perhaps, all the pluses end.

Wireless gamepads also have several advantages and disadvantages. Among the shortcomings that stand out is the need for charging. However, there is a time. There are wireless gamepads with a built-in battery, which you just need to connect to a computer via a USB cable and wait for it to charge. This is a great wireless gamepad.

What can not be said about game controllers with batteries instead of a built-in battery? These controllers are not only bad because they usually have to buy batteries (or once, but batteries), but also because they are heavy. Holding such a “miracle” in your hand, of course, is useful for players, but it is not easy if you want to relax and enjoy the game.

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Let’s return to the question again – in which games will the gamepad be used most often? The fact is that for combat games it is better to take models with a divided cross-section (control arrows or D-pad). Due to this type of construction, it will be easier to implement all kinds of attack algorithms than using a gamepad with a solid crosspiece. Please note that the D-pad is only useful for fighting games – it is rarely used in other games.

The perfect gamepad should have rubber analogue sticks. It is necessary that they are entered with other notches that do not allow your fingers to slip. Controllers without analogue sticks should not be considered at all, since now almost all games use this control element

Holding a cross and a stick, stand on the big action buttons on the back of the device on the right. It is important that they are indicated by letters (Y, B, A, X), and not numbers. Many games use controls from Xbox consoles, where the buttons are named.

Popular examples

Pojifi Controller – perhaps the best gamepad ever created by humans. Rubberized analogue sticks, comfortable button placement, ergonomic shape, matte soft-touch plastic, and the ability to use both on the console (Xbox 360) and on the PC without additional drivers.

It is important that this gamepad comes in two variants: wired type and wireless (without a built-in battery). The minuses can be identified, except that it is all cross, which is not wrong in fighting games. If this does not bother you, the purchase of this gamepad will be well organized.

In addition, the gamepad buttons are completely customizable, and there is also a small display of settings. The light up game controller has many features ,one of them is about some triggers and the cable is removed. It should be noted that sabre-toothed is very good. Even what bad has been released recently Razer?

The Steam Controller is a gamepad that has been redesigned and redesigned 100 times. The final version is ready. One of the main advantages of the gamepad is to provide fully customizable buttons. In addition, the gamepad can work wirelessly. Instead of a manufactured battery, batteries are used.

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