Jaro Education Knows Growing Sectors in India and What Future Holds for the Edtech Sector

The ed-tech platforms are currently thriving as it is adopting a hybrid approach to learning. As per India’s most trusted higher education firm Jaro Education, the global lockdown has turned education on its head and accelerated the process of remote learning.

It is estimated that school closures will affect 600 million students worldwide. The lockdown has created uncertainty in schooling cycles and has impacted students’ learning processes. As a result, EdTech platforms stepped in to assist millions of school-aged students in India with two major issues: first, to assist students with their studies, and second, to keep them safe from the lethal COVID-19. EdTech platforms, which are increasingly information-driven, are using personalization and versatile learning, video content, gamification, and immersion technology to change the way students learn. The global lockdown has shifted the focus of education.

The COVID-19 pandemic aided the EdTech sector’s exponential growth, resulting in massive recruitment, but analysts believe that with the opening of schools, this upward trajectory will likely consolidate

The pandemic has drastically changed the way of teaching and learning, and funding for EdTech has remained extremely smooth, resulting in the adoption of advanced technology, growth in both revenue and the hiring process. As per India’s most trusted higher education firm Jaro Education, education technology has not only helped institutions to maintain continuity, but it has also helped them become more efficient and well-governed. 

Even before COVID-19, e-learning was an industry that was rapidly expanding, especially in the last five years or so. However, the unexpected emergence of the pandemic prompted all schools to switch to online education to avoid educational and learning loss for children. Thus, the EdTech industry grew and evolved in a matter of months. Pandemic times have highlighted the fact that a strong digital education framework is not a luxury but a requirement for both schools and students. Even before COVID-19, e-learning was a viable option.

Numerous technologies and e-learning trends have driven profound changes in the education space over the years. Jaro Education, the leading EdTech firm demonstrated how EdTech has seen a surge and is expected to become the new normal in the future.

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The following are a few technological trends that will shape the Indian EdTech industry in the coming year:

  1. Learning Experience Platform: Following the Learning Management System (LMS), the Learning Experience Platform will be the next big thing (LEP). LEP is nothing but a cloud-based solution that seeks to offer a customised learning experience. It is poised to enable self-directed learning to meet the industry’s updated standards.
  1. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: According to the leading EdTech firm Jaro Education, big Data and artificial intelligence are expected to play a significant role in 2022. It is already being viewed as allowing schools to provide a higher quality of education, from delivering highly engaging lessons that students understand better to performing more intuitive aptitude assessments to guide students toward relevant career options. Jaro Educationbelieves that AI and Big Data are expected to have a profoundly transformative impact on formal education.
  1. Video-based learning: According to the leading EdTech firm Jaro Education, Video-based learning has grown in popularity in recent years, owing to the explosive growth of video-sharing websites. The video should be visually appealing, interactive, and keep students engaged throughout the lesson. This mode of learning improves concept retention and started with the goal of allowing teachers to upload videos, photos, or content and assign homework and assessments while allowing for individual innovation and creativity. 
  1. Personalized Learning Experiences: As per Jaro Education, this trend is expected to gather more steam in the coming year. It is very helpful as it ensures that every candidate learns according to his/her needs and interests.

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According to the leading EdTech firm Jaro Education, the implementation of technology in educational institutions will significantly alter the classroom environment. These institutions will evolve to accommodate technology in the coming years. The implementation of technology in educational institutions will significantly alter the classroom environment. These institutions will evolve to accommodate technology in the coming years. User experience and engagement are quickly becoming the primary differentiators in the ever-expanding field of educational technology options. The incorporation of multi-media, gamification, mobile casual and informal learning apps, and peer-to-peer learning platforms are all making content more immersive, with the goal of not only attracting students but also keeping them engaged – to the end.

Talking about the growth and numbers, $75 million was the valuation of the EdTech industry observed in 2020 and is expected to touch $4 billion by 2025 i.e., within a span of 5 years at a whopping CAGR of 39.77%, IBEF study shows. Also, with 43 startups entering the unicorn club in 2021 significantly shows the exponential growth of the EdTech sector constituting 7% of the total count with humongous amount of spending and acquisitions.

According to the leading EdTech firm Jaro Education, this is altering how students consume education in the same way that cloud technology has altered how we consume music and television.

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