Top 8 Firebase Alternatives to Use in 2022

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Top 8 Firebase Alternatives to Use in 2022

Firebase is an ideal mobile and web app development platform for startups, novices and small companies that was made public in 2011. Although this San Francisco-based platform is aiding businesses of all sizes with the support of Google, but there are several companies that are still looking for Firebase Alternatives.

Indeed, it is easy to find other low-code development and serverless development platforms, but this article is going to share only trusted Firebase alternatives like these with readers.

Here we go:

Top 8 Firebase Alternatives

1. Back4App

Back4App is a flawless cloud-based and open-source Firebase alternative that started its journey in 2015. This US-headquartered software development company serves the coding community with the robust backing of Parse.

As Facebook has already used Parse for its different tech stacks, that is why businesses can practice it without any worry. This low-code platform could easily enhance and reduce resources because of its highly scalable characteristics.

With a user-friendly interface, it also facilitates the customers with features like real-time queries, REST & GraphQL APIs and Cross-platform SDKs. On the other hand, if we talk about its pricing model, then you can enjoy a free trial without inserting your credit card. The monthly charges of its Shared plan are $25.

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2. AWS Amplify

If you are in search of a scalable, highly authoritative, and full-stack Firebase alternative, then you should consider AWS Amplify. Indeed, with the energetic backing of Amazon Web Services (AWS), it offers incredible features to the development community.

Coders can smoothly build the backends of their applications with the help of its Amplify Studio and CLI. Then Amplify Libraries aid them to integrate such apps with the server-side. Similarly, this Firebase alternative is also very secure when it comes to hosting.

In this regard, it gives custom domains, password protection and full-stack CI/CD workflows. Its Static Web Hosting package is free to use, but you can also depend on its pay-as-you-go policy in case more resources are required.

3. Kuzzle

Kuzzle is also a good Firebase alternative that gives excellent backend support in building APIs, data management and IoT applications. This open-source platform provides massive support in app deployment and development operations.

Fortunately, companies can utilize this Firebase alternative with cloud and on-premises backing. The notable clients of Kuzzle are SNCF, Biogen and La Poste.

4. Parse

Parse is another reliable BaaS platform that comes with the strong support of Facebook. This Firebase alternative comes with a ‘complete application stack’ claim. Moreover, it has 35K stars and 16K forks on GitHub.

Developers can’t only get support from GitHub, but its official website also owns a complete community where coders can quickly create the thread to solve any matter. The major companies that use Parse are Weebly, 500px, Bubble and Lifesum.

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5. Backendless

Backendless is a code-less app building platform that helps businesses to create real-time, location-aware and document management applications. Its UI builder enables the developers to design applications with visual support.

API services, real-time databases, user management, and push notifications are also core benefits of using Backendless. If we talk about its pricing model, then its Backendless Cloud plan is free for small businesses and startups. However, its Cloud 9 bills $25/month from users.

6. Supabase

If you want a Firebase alternative that can build a backend in less than 2 minutes, then you should consider Supabase. This scalable platform comes with the backing of Yahoo, Mozilla and Coatue. It provides an open-source SQL database with table and SQL editor support.

Similarly, its Object store gives an extensive storage backing to different types of digital content. With up to 500 MB database space and 2GB data transfer limits, it is entirely free to use Supabase. Withal, the monthly fee of its Pro plan commences from $25. Luckily, users can also proceed with its pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

7. Nhost

With 1.5k GitHub stars, Nhost is another one of the good Firebase alternatives that the development community can utilize to build serverless backends. It provides real-time database support with GraphQL APIs and works for Dart and JavaScript SDKs.

Users can also sync this app development tool with distinct clients in real-time. For data protection, businesses can also define the permissions and include authentications. The renowned companies that are using Nhost are HyberLab and Antler.

8. Appwrite

Appwrite is also one of the simplest Firebase alternatives that has 16.2k stars on GitHub. This open-source platform is considered the best option to build Flutter mobile applications. It only takes a few steps to start a venture with this tool.

Businesses can also easily integrate it with JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Kotlin and Swift projects. By the way, it is also equally helpful for Apple and Android applications.


This article shares one of the top-rated Firebase alternatives with readers. We also discussed all necessary features and pricing details with visitors to make the decision easier. Hopefully, you will benefit from them.