5 Custom IT Solutions That Can Benefit Your Business

Charlotte Miller

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5 Custom IT Solutions That Can Benefit Your Business

Today, our whole world heavily depends on the computers and digital technologies that emerged and progressed in the last four decades. It’s impossible to imagine our daily lives without smartphones, computers, or tablets. Some people use these gadgets for entertainment purposes only, while others use them to earn a living.

Though, it doesn’t matter how expensive your device is if it doesn’t have the right programs. While having powerful hardware is important, it won’t be of any use unless its potential is realized by custom software. So, it’s safe to say that almost every single modern business heavily relies on programs of any kind.

Why Custom Solutions?

The form, complexity, features, and all the other characteristics of a program always vary for every business. And it’s only logical, as different companies have varying requirements and operational specifics. For example, a local shoe shop obviously has a smaller client base and needs fewer functions in a CRM than an international travel agency.

So, it means that only by finding a professional IT company for custom solutions like the market leader Develux Company, you’ll be able to get the product of needed quality. Don’t get it wrong, though; off-the-shelf programs are still a viable option. It’s just that you shouldn’t expect them to meet all of your demands perfectly.

If you’re still not sure whether turning to custom software solution services for help is a good idea, here are some of the advantages of such programs.

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Business is all about increasing income and minimizing losses. But how do you expect your enterprise to grow if it’s limited by things like the size of a database or the lack of management software? Well, the answer is simple – you can’t scale up your CRM or any other program used in business unless it was created during custom software development.

This problem is especially often encountered by small companies that use subscription CRMs. While these systems are extremely good for their price and requirements, they still won’t be able to keep up with the rapid growth of your business. So, to keep progressing and gaining more income, you need a bespoke program. Unlike off-the-shelf options, these solutions can be updated as many times as necessary. 

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Speaking about the distinction between ready-made products and bespoke ones, the key difference is that the latter can be whatever you need. Do you want to implement an innovative idea but don’t know how to code? Do you own a niche company that has very specific requirements? Or maybe you want everything to be perfect, including the color palette and every element of the interface?

Whatever your demands are, they can be turned into a custom built software solution. No more searching for placeholder systems. Just order any application, and you’ll receive not only the product itself but the support from its developers and their unlimited pool of experience. This way, you can be safe that no matter what changes happen inside your company, the software behind it will be adjusted to operate under new circumstances.


Nowadays, when every single bit of information can be accessed through the Internet, cybersecurity is crucial for any business. After all, you wouldn’t want some hackers to steal your customer’s data, right? Because while off-the-shelf options do have some security layers, they’re nowhere near the level of bespoke software.

As said previously, a custom program can include anything you need, and that means security protocols too. Even the largest international conglomerates with millions of clients shouldn’t be worried about security breaches, provided they turn to truly professional developers, of course.

Most Important Custom Software for Businesses

Of course, even bespoke systems can be divided into many different types. Usually, they’re categorized by their purposes and main features. Here are some of the most relevant and important program types that modern companies use.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRMs have already been mentioned in this article. And it’s only logical, considering that they’re probably the most known type of programs different companies use. In most cases, such systems have a large variety of different functions and tools:

  • task management;
  • contact and lead management;
  • client and/or product databases;
  • marketing tools;
  • statistics and analytical reports;
  • operations automation;
  • intelligent predictions.

You can consider CRM systems to be the ultimate software for any business. They represent both the foundation for any necessary tools and databases with almost unlimited scalability.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management systems are somewhat similar to CRMs, as their main goal is to help their owners in daily operations. However, as the name suggests, a CMS is focused more on producing content. In most cases, they are used to automatically create and publish content on websites, blogs, and social media platforms. 

E-commerce Systems

E-commerce is a huge industry nowadays that continues to grow at a very high pace. It would be rather surprising if e-commerce businesses hadn’t come up with software for their specific needs. For example, such systems are aimed to help business owners automatize sales and reports, as well as track all the graphs and logistics.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Resource planning is all about constant control and supervision. And that’s exactly why modern programs are so useful. ERP software can provide you with all the required data in real-time, analyze it, visualize reports, and even predict future changes. 

Sometimes, it can be even created to automatically allocate resources and build future strategies. This is especially useful for huge companies that have a lot of daily accounting operations and other simple but nerve-racking processes.

Operations Management Programs

The main goal of this type of custom software is to provide as much automation as possible. Also, such programs are used to simplify day-to-day operations and make the worker’s performance as efficient as possible. This category is mostly used by businesses that either have very specific fields of operations or that don’t need whole CRMs to improve their efficiency.

Differences and Combinations Between Types

As you can see, many of these types of custom systems have either the same or similar features or goals. This is because there are plenty of aspects to be shared across all the spheres. For example, databases are used by almost every business, but not everyone needs automatization.

That’s the main reason bespoke software is that useful. You can combine any tools, features, and security protocols or even create completely new ones. The best thing about it is that you only need to contact the specialized service. After that, you provide them with a list of your requirements, and in a few months, the application of your dreams is ready.

Summing Up

Custom software is your ultimate answer to any of your business’s needs. As said before, its advantages, as well as the convenience of acquiring such a system, are undoubted. Keep in mind, though, that before offering bespoke solutions, one should do deep research of all the available services. 

By purchasing a custom application, you’re not only receiving the product itself but the support from its developers as well. So, we wish you to find that perfect partner for any of your development needs.