Introduction Class for Online Course 

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Introduction Class for Online Course 

Deciding on the process, and working over it, all these steps are challenging but the one step that is the most difficult for all is the beginning, and how to start. The same goes with online course creators too. After the course, designing, marketing, and getting enough enrollments respectively, comes the day when you have to start the course. 

The first day when teachers and students officially meet virtually to start the course journey is known to be an introduction class.  For effective online selling courses and future success, setting a positive impression on students on the first day of the course is important. Let us discuss some steps that online educators can follow to conduct an effective introduction class for students. 

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Steps to give an effective introduction class of online course 

  1. Start the class at the exact given time

Online live sessions are conducted when teachers provide students with the link of the education app mentioning the date and time of the class. Make sure you stick to the class schedule you planned. Check your internet connection so that there are no last-minute issues in starting the class. Also, whatever resources you need for example the student’s name list, the list of the course details, etc, keep them properly organized and arranged on the study table. This will help you to be punctual and start the class on time only. This shows students that teachers are punctual and responsible and they have made the right decision to enroll in this course. 

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  1. Give your self-introduction

The main step to follow on the first day of the course is to start the class with a self-introduction. Students who are not familiar with you, and face hesitations, fear, and more. Self-introduction is the key to starting communication with them and making students develop a connection with you. By listening to a crisp, appealing, and effective self-introduction, students also acquire a sense of satisfaction that will be receiving an education from a well-experienced and intelligent instructor. 

  • Share educational background: after telling your name, share with them your educational background. Tell students what qualifications you hold from which reputed colleges. This will show that you hold an effective knowledge of your teaching subject. 
  • Teaching experience: after sharing the qualifications, the next step should include your occupational journey. Tell students where you have taught last, how has been your teaching career, your accomplishments, and more. Be confident, have a smiling face, and make students feel comfortable and adaptable to the online class environment. 
  1. Ask students to introduce themselves one by one

After giving self-introduction, knowing your students is equally important. So ask students to introduce themselves one by one. Tell students to keep their cameras on so that you can connect with them better. Ask students some questions like their hobby, favorite food, destination, etc. This will make students feel valued, more connected, and more comfortable. You can allow students to talk to each other, and ask some questions if they have any. This will start quality learner-to-learner and teacher-learner interactions respectively. 

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  1. Explain the academic structure of the online course

Students need to know the complete process of the online course. In the introduction class, make sure you discuss with students about the course details. Tell students the academic subjects that they will be taught. Share the course duration and number of classes that will be given. You can tell them the teachers who might take the substitute classes. This will help students to get a proper idea of how the learning journey will be. Ask them to be prepared to face the challenges together and ensure academic success. 

  1. Share student’s responsibilities

For selling courses  use online course selling website better and giving an effective introduction class, this step is important to follow. No online course and educational journey are successful without students’ support and accountability. Only dependency on teachers doesn’t work. 

Therefore, teachers must share with students what is expected from them and the duties they need to perform. Share the course rules and regulations. Explain to students the homework procedure, how to submit it, to ensure not crossing the deadlines, etc. Also, tell them about the assessment process. Share with them the exam structure and the minimum percentage required to pass the course.


To make students feel satisfied with their decision, and make them enthusiastic about further online course learning, giving an effective introduction class is important. By following the above-mentioned tips, online educators can give an effective introduction to students. This way, students will look forward to a  quality learning experience with the teachers.