Here are Some Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Claim Can Be Denied

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Here are Some Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Claim Can Be Denied

Rejection of any kind is a good enough reason to turn us off and discourage us. So, when you face a rejection or denial in your car insurance claim, it is obvious to feel dejected.  Further, it also becomes a cause of worry as you are burdened with the financial responsibility of bearing the cost of repairs on your own. Thus, it is important to know why your claim might get rejected to make sure that it doesn’t get denied the next time.

So, let’s learn more about it in this blog. But let’s first start with understanding the meaning of car insurance online claim procedure and the way it functions.  

Car Insurance Claim

You can make car insurance claims in two different ways. You can either go for a cashless claim or you can apply for a reimbursement claim. Under cashless claims, you can get your car repaired at a network garage where the bill will be cleared by your insurer directly.  On the other hand, if you go by the reimbursement claims, you will have to pay for the repairs on your own at first and then seek a reimbursement by submitting the bill to the insurer for settling claims.

Now that you know the basics of the claim procedure for car insurance, let us understand the key reasons why a car insurance online claim can get rejected. 

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Key Reasons for getting your car insurance claim rejected/denied

Well, many car owners who buy car insurance online don’t even know why their car insurance claims get rejected. Many of you might not even care to wonder about the reasons why their car insurance claim was not approved. 

There could be several reasons for denial of a claim. Let us understand the major reasons why your insurer might reject your car insurance claim. 

The first such reason could be the drunk and driving case. If the driver/owner of a car drives under the influence of alcohol while the car gets damaged, the insurer will not approve their claim. Since drunk driving is against the law, the claim will simply get rejected.   

Another important reason why you might lose on your claim approval is if you use your personal vehicle for business purposes. So, using your private car for doing commerce is not permitted and if you do so and your car gets damaged in the process, the insurer will deny your claim. This is because commercial vehicles are covered under different kinds of coverage and involves different premium amounts. Thus, you must buy a commercial vehicle and seek a separate commercial insurance policy to suit the requirement.

Yet another reason for claim denial is when any damage is caused due to self-negligence. For instance, you parked your vehicle at a ‘No Parking’ zone because you were in a hurry. Sometime later, another car came hurriedly and collided with your parked car. Though it was not your fault, but your claim still gets denied under this condition because you parked in a wrong location or no parking area.

Further, if your vehicle is damaged due to reasons other than accident (non-accidental reasons). Or if it gets rejected due to natural calamity, your insurer might not approve your claim.  This is because most insurance companies compensate for a claim only for incidental damages. However, insurers do not pay compensation for regular wear/tear.

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To Conclude

So, while assessing your claim if your car insurance company find any such above mentioned faults, it might have a huge influence on your claim and its approval process. Hence, it is important to avoid such things as mentioned above and your car insurance online claims are sure to get approved.  

Further, if you buy your car insurance online from a reputed insurance company or renowned insurance broker like, which is backed by Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. (MIBL) you can get the best car insurance policy with good coverage. Also, it makes the claim process easy and hassle free and gets your insurance claim approved instantly. Another benefit of buying insurance from Paybima is that you can compare and procure insurance without any hassle.