How Principals Can Motivate Their Teachers?

Charlotte Miller

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How Principals Can Motivate Their Teachers?

Schools and colleges are the institutes that create futures on their premises, they don’t just teach children, they shape their minds and personalities to make them great learners and better citizens of tomorrow. And teachers are the ones who interact with students regularly and do the work of teaching and guiding students with dedication. We saw their hard work and dedication during the pandemic when schools were closed and the education of students was halted. However, even in that situation teachers didn’t stop, they learned to use online teaching tools like the teacher app and started taking online classes. But all the work and stress can also take a toll on teachers’ mental and physical health, and they don’t feel the motivation to do anything. In such situations, they need someone to lift their spirits and make them remember how they and their work are changing the future. And no one is better than the principal to do this, a principal’s job is not just to oversee the administrative works of the school, they also need to take care of their school faculties. Especially the teachers who are the pillars and mediators between students and school authority.

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Here are some ways through which the Principals can motivate their teachers.

Recognise Their Efforts: It’s human nature to feel motivated when praised and feel discouraged when rebuked. Teachers feel the same too, if the efforts made by them are not recognised and they are not praised for their hard work they feel demotivated and would not give their 100 per cent. It is a principal’s job to identify those teachers who go up and beyond to do their part with dedication and provide students with the best quality education.

 Be Present: We know the principal’s work is not easy either, they have to administer all the activities happening on the school premises. But principals can do their work seamlessly only with the cooperation of teachers and other staff, that is why the principal must take time for their staff. A principal should be present for his/ her teachers when they need them, talk to them, and listen to their problems and needs. Teachers deal with everyday issues of school firsthand; they know what are the failings of school and what can be done about them. And by listening to them, you can not only improve your school but doing so also makes them feel heard and valued.

Include Them In Decision-Making: As mentioned in the above point, teachers know more about the day-to-day functioning and happenings of school better, they interact with students, staff and parents of the students regularly. It would only be right for the principals to hear teachers and include them in major decisions regarding the school or students. Including teachers in decision-making helps the school to make and implement new reforms with more sincerity and success.

Organize Unofficial Meets: Principals always organise an official meeting in schools, to discuss matters related to school and student development. However, it’s also necessary for teachers to feel relaxed every once in a while. Principals can do so by organising unofficial meetings and gatherings with teachers, where they can gather and chat or can attend any social gathering or event. For example, take teachers on a weekend trip to a nearby farmhouse or organise a day trip to any museum etc. This will give teachers a break from their busy schedule to refresh and re-energise themselves so that when they go back to the classroom they feel motivated and rejuvenated to teach and perform better.

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Organise Professional Development Programs: When we talk about the responsibility of principals towards their teachers, it also includes their responsibility towards their professional welfare and development. With changing times the methods of education are also changing, which means teachers need to change and modify their teaching strategies too. Principals can help their teachers to embrace these changes by equipping them with new skills and knowledge. Principals can organise professional development programs in school, in which teachers can gain valuable skills and knowledge, for example, using digital tools like live teaching app to teach online or understand the new educational reforms properly.