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You’ve probably heard it said that “salt is bad for you.” The fact is, most Americans consume far too much sodium but don’t have to. Cutting back on sodium can benefit your health and lower your blood pressure.

You can cut back on sodium when you may not think that a restaurant meal can be a low-sodium choice. However, if you choose your restaurant wisely, you can find low-sodium options virtually anywhere you go. Ask.

You may be surprised how much salt is in foods and how easy it is to avoid. Always ask and compare the sodium (in milligrams) in prepared foods to the recommended daily intake.

The key to stopping salt addiction is to remove salt from your diet. This is easier said than done. If you need helping in your journey of stopping your salt addiction, reach out to a professional salt addiction coach like Amy Dambrosio, to help you along the way!

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You can make a salt-free diet work by following some basic rules:

  1. Stop eating out. You won’t find foods high in salt at home, but salty foods are often standard fare in restaurants. The foods you make at home will be a lot lower in salt.
  2. Eat low sodium foods…

Drink fruit juices instead of sugary drinks. Fruit juices and vegetable juices don’t contain salt.

  1. Eat more herbs and spices…

…to add flavor to foods that are low in salt.

  1. Use a lot of lemon and lime juice…

to help cool your taste buds.

  1. Use a lot of garlic…

…to help calm your taste buds.

  1. Stop using and consuming MSG

MSG in processed foods is a major source of salt in the American diet.

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