Best Way To Fix your corrupted photos like new

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Data loss and corruption is a very common problem encountered when using computers. Especially, corruption of photos is a nightmare for professional photographers and people who kept all their childhood and remember able photos in one place. Though there are many reasons for images to be corrupted, fixing them can be cumbersome if you do not know what you are doing. This article will guide you on fixing corrupted photos and recovering the amazing pieces of art you originally took. Just fix photo  using Repairit!

The Cause of Photo Loss

It can so happen that the photos you took of that latest event, when transferred to your PC, became pixilated or distorted, or your high school photos are not opening anymore because the file is corrupted. Whatever may be the presentation of a corrupted image or photo, there can be multiple reasons for it. If you venture down the road of understanding the root cause that led to data corruption, then you are probably going to wind up finding one or more of the reasons listed below:

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  • Unsuccessful read or write

A very common problem that would result in photo loss is that the computer could not successfully read or write the photo file. It can happen due to a program or service crashing and becoming unresponsive. Your laptop or computer’s hard drive may also have read/write head problems. If such is the case, then many photos stored on your computer can become corrupted.

  • Malware or Viruses

Other not-so-unknown causes are malware and viruses. With the annoying ads spread all over the internet, one usually finds themselves downloading stupid stuff off the internet that makes no logic. Such downloads from sketchy websites usually contain viruses that tend to infect many files on your computer, including images and photos.

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  • Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

Physical damage or damage due to software; either can be the cause of bad sectors on your hard drive. A bad sector is essentially a small group or cluster storage that looks like it’s defective, probably because any data present in it gets lost. If a hard drive starts developing bad sectors, then the data present in the remaining hard drive is prone to corruption.

  • Problems in the Operating System

Complications may arise in the operating system itself, leading to dozens of applications, software and services misbehaving. Conditions such as these put the data in your computers at risk as anything can happen, leading to corruption. Master Boot Record or Master Boot Table can be one of the things to be blamed in such a scenario.

How to Fix Lost Photos with Repairit

Repairit is an amazing product of WonderShare that helps fix corrupted photos as well as videos. If your important images and files are not opening due to being corrupted, Repairit is your pit stop. Being easy to use, you can fix corrupted images in no time. Just follow the directions given below, and you are good to go.

  • Load Corrupted or Damaged Photos 

Whether you are using a PC with Windows or Mac, it does not matter as the steps are very much the same. Open up the Repairit application. The following screen will come before you.

Click on add photos to start and load the corrupted photo you want to be fixed. Once the photos are loaded, you will be able to preview information about them, such as the thumbnails.

  • Start Repair and Preview Fixed Photos

Now to fix your corrupted images, click on the Repair button. This will start the process. Wait until it completes. Once done, a pop-up will appear, telling you to preview the repaired photos to decide which ones to keep.

Before you now lie the images that have been repaired. Just click on the thumbnails to preview the photos and decide for yourself if the repairing process was a failure or a success.

  • Save the End Product

Once you are satisfied that the pictures have been repaired properly, all that is left to do is click on the save button, decide the destination where you want to save them and voila, your corrupted images have now been fixed.

What makes Repairit unique?

Repairit can repair corrupted image and videos with a very high success rate. Being able to work on different formats of pictures such as JPEG, JPG, CR2, CR3 and much more, you do not need to resort to any other software to fix photo. Repair photos from any source, USB stick, flash drives or hard drives by following the easy steps explained above.


The horrors of data loss are very real. Losing the photos of your loved ones who are no longer with you or losing a client’s data to corruption is something none of us would want. Fortunately, there is a solution to fix photos that are damaged, which is Wondershare’s   Repairit. With the ability to fix images of all kinds of formats, you can save your images and let go of your worries once and for all.