5 reasons why you should buy twitter followers

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When it comes to building a strong client base, high search engine rankings, and brand awareness, social media is the most significant aspect of internet marketing. As a powerful player, Twitter is perhaps the most well-known online platform regularly visited by users globally.

Acquiring a high number of followers is a milestone that most Twitter users aim to achieve. However, getting these followers easily is not something that can be done overnight… unless you make use of the controversial strategy to buy Twitter followers.

You can acquire your own army of thoughtless twitter drones for a surprisingly low amount of money!

While reducing the worth of your online presence to a simple number on Twitter sounds silly, there’s actually no denying the fact that one’s Twitter following, regardless of being a vanity metric, is regularly thought to correspond with a user’s significance. For clubs booking stand-up comedians or people looking to host gigs, a high Twitter following can undoubtedly put you in front of the competition. An enormous Twitter following shows credibility and reliability – of not only putting up a good enough show but also pulling in more crowd from their huge follower count ultimately resulting in more cash for the host.

If you are still doubtful, read on to find out 5 reasons why you SHOULD buy twitter followers.

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  • Do It For The Clout

A lift in Twitter followers can change a stand-up novice into an expert comedian, a bathroom singer into a rising star, a background actor into new talent, and a budding start-up into a legitimate organization. People have even been offered job opportunities because of their high Twitter following since the number fills in as a portrayal of how incredible your online word can be. 

However, after buying twitter followers, your numbers can start dwindling very quickly as well. So once you have bought your followers, it really boils down to how fast you can propel your account with the added boost. If you can take quick advantage of your increased following effectively, then you can maintain a stable organic reach with the same number of followers.

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  • Bandwagon Effect

The bandwagon effect is essentially the inherent tendency of all humans to certain styles or behaviors simply because others are doing so. And this is exactly what happens when twitter users see a high follower count of other accounts.

As a domino effect of the previous point, when real users see your Twitter numbers rising, they’ll be bound to follow you as well. Suppose somebody on Twitter claims to be an expert movie critic but has only 27 followers, most will believe that the only movies they are reviewing are their childhood home videos. But, if the followers’ count of this person is somewhere between 900-2500, they will appear to be ten times more credible and legitimate – one that users will be significantly more likely to follow. This implies your Twitter fake followers are ultimately producing genuine followers because of your envisioned notoriety.

  • Cost Effective And Simple

It’s a ton simpler to purchase followers on Twitter than acquire them. Acquiring a genuine Twitter following requires a lot of time, patience, and hard work. You need to share brilliant stuff, post witty and clever comments, and keep your feed up with the latest news – AND be consistent at all of this! 

You could invest your energy to achieve it… or you can get your wallet and purchase a boatload of twitter followers in one go for less than what you pay for a meal at TacoBell! Services are priced as low as $5 for 8,000 twitter followers guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hours.

  • Most Twitter Celebs Have Done It At Some Point

You’d be surprised to know that most celebrities, entrepreneurs, even politicians are known to have bought twitter followers at some point before entering twitter stardom. It’s considered to be a totally normal practice for the individuals who have a strategy in place and will gain something from accumulating countless Twitter followers in a brief timeframe. 

As per the Fake Follower Check apparatus from StatusPeople, which can apparently assess the number of fake followers from a twitter account’s follower list, 71% of Lady Gaga’s more than 35 million followers are either bots or fake, former president Obama is not far behind with nearly 70% fake followers of almost 30 million total followers.

  • No Can Really Stop You From Buying Twitter Followers…

Let’s face it if top-notch political leaders can buy fake Twitter followers, why can’t you? 

While buying both Twitter followers is against Twitter’s terms and white-hatters may raise their eyebrows at the thought, it’s totally lawful. In terms of legality, you cannot be incriminated for buying twitter followers under any circumstance. To be honest, buying followers is not all that different from twitter marketing schemes like paying to promote a hashtag! There’s barely any difference between the two. Then why not just buy twitter followers? you may also visit Twesocial to learn about their growth features for Twitter. 


Purchasing Twitter followers may give you an instant thrill and rush but what will always loom in the back of your mind is the fear of being called a liar or a scammer. If these terms get attached with your twitter presence, chances are that you will # canceled forever. So, if you go ahead and buy twitter followers, make sure you have put  enough thought into your decision!