5 reasons to choose laminate flooring

Charlotte Miller

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Has your flooring seen better days? Perhaps, after multiple lockdowns and spending so much time at home, you’ve decided it’s time to swap dusty old carpets for a modern alternative? 

Whilst there are various flooring options on the market, today, we’re going to be looking at why laminate is a great choice for homeowners who enjoy the look of hardwood flooring but without the heavy price tag.

What is laminate flooring?

Exactly as its name suggests, laminate flooring is the result of a lamination process where several layers of synthetic flooring are blended using heat, pressure and adhesive. 

Something that you may or may not know about laminate floors is that they are comprised of multiple layers, each with its own job to do.

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These include:

  • Top wear layer – protects the flooring from scrapes and scratches.
  • Decorative layer – gives the flooring its gorgeous wooden look, usually by imprinting a photograph directly into the resin.
  • Fibreboard core – a laid out sheet made from a mix of sawdust and resin to provide strength.
  • Back layer – acts as an adhesive between the fibreboard and decorative layer.
  • Underlayment – a carefully chosen laminate underlay ensures underfoot comfort and an extra layer of protection for your new flooring.
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What makes laminate flooring so special?

Thanks to the vast range of designs and styles – and its ease of installation – homeowners can’t get enough of laminate flooring.

And here we look at 5 more reasons why…

  1. It’s affordable – compared to other flooring alternatives, laminate flooring is generally less expensive. Because it’s made from synthetic, it provides the look of wood flooring without the expense.
  • It’s durable – if you share your home with little ones or pets, you’re going to need a durable flooring option and, unlike real wood, laminate floors barely dent, scratch or stain!
  1. It’s easy to clean and maintain – we all live very busy lifestyles, and finding the time to clean and maintain our floors can be easier said than done. However, laminate requires minimal upkeep – you can simply hoover any hair or dust, sweep up any mud and dirt, and absorb spillages and stains with a slightly damp sponge/cloth.
  2. There are various options to choose from – often, laminate floors mimic the authentic look of hardwood or stone floors, but the possibilities are endless and you can take your pick from an assortment of shades and patterns.
  3. It’s long-lasting – laminate is not just a gorgeous flooring option that is durable and remarkably easy to clean, but possesses a long lifespan. That means, with the right care and attention, it will maintain its stunning look for years to come – saving you the expense of repairs and replacements.

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Ready to install laminate flooring?

Whether you’re a dab hand at DIY or a beginner, laminate flooring is super easy to install – and won’t take you too long.

Of course, if you’re cutting laminate floorboards with a saw, you need to be extremely careful. But many products have a tongue and groove system which means they simply click together.

And don’t forget to lay laminate underlay beneath to prolong the lifespan of your brand new flooring. This will not only protect your floors against everyday wear and tear but will add an extra layer of sound and thermal insulation. You’ll find a fantastic range of underlay for laminate flooring online at Carpet Underlay Shop. So, what are you waiting for?