How to Pick the Best Concealer for Your Skin Tone, Skin Type, and Under-Eye Problems

Charlotte Miller

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Concealer is your most helpful makeup partner to hide everything from dark circles and blemishes to hyperpigmentation and redness, but choosing the right one can be challenging. What is your approach for matching your skin tone? Is it better to go for a lighter option?

 What variables do you take into account when choosing a brand or formulation? What if your concealer isn’t enough to hide all of your flaws? You don’t have to be concerned about such things any longer since, in this article, we’ll clear up all of your concealer-related misunderstandings.

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How to Pick a Concealer Color for yourself?

When it comes to concealer, we recommend choosing a shade of the same color as your skin tone to cover everything on the face, then going one or two shades lighter on the under-eye area. Apply a couple of different tones of concealer along your jawline to discover a decent match and see which one looks the best. 

You’ll need natural light for this, so walk to a window or step outside and examine your jawline with a hand-held mirror. Use a shade or two lighter than the one you’ve picked for the rest of your face to cover visibly dark under-eye circles or to highlight regions of the face.

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What is the best way to choose a coverage level?

We all know that any stubborn dark circles and blemishes will likely require a lot of concealers to get hidden. You’re better off going with a full-coverage concealer. If you prefer a thinner concealer, mix it with a drop of oil or serum, or just use foundation on days when you’ve got plenty of sleep and your skin looks dewy and flawless. 

We’ve already discussed the best undereye concealer for over 50 that doesn’t crease. You should go through the article if you want to know about some mature skin concealers.

Best ways to use concealer 

If you don’t know how to use concealer rightly, then we have compiled the two best ways to conceal your face that are discussed below,

Use triangle method

When it comes to concealing dark circles, you should try to remove the discoloration first, then go back with a concealer that matches the complexion flawlessly. 

This method entails using a peach-toned primer or a concealer that’s a few shades lighter to reduce darkness, followed by a second layer that matches your skin tone and foundation. Even if your under-eye circles aren’t particularly dark, an upside-down concealer triangle under the eye might help to brighten up a tired-looking face. 

Use eye cream before concealing to reduce puffiness

We suggest our beautiful ladies use caffeine-containing eye cream first, then wipe the area with a tissue before applying concealer. Thus, you should apply concealer under the bag where it appears dark rather than applying concealer to the bag itself.

You should add a fine-tipped concealer brush or a liquid liner brush to your makeup kit if you’re prone to pimples or have little problem areas that need extra coverage. To conceal your face, tap the concealer onto the area that requires coverage and lightly pat with your finger or using your preferred tool. 

Then, using a fluffy brush, blend a concealer that matches the skin around the spot. Now, Finish with a translucent powder, but we suggest you pat it in rather than sweep it away. 

Bottom line

We hope this article will clear up our ladies’ confusion about concealers. We’ve recommended the best concealer for your skin tone and type. Be ready to shine by concealing your dark spot as a pro with our short guide. 

Each skin type is different, and there are various concealers available in the market for each of them.  You will get everything from mature skin concealer to teenage skin concealer. You need to find the best one for yourself.