Top 8 Ways to Enjoy Drinking Tea

Charlotte Miller

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Tea is a comfort drink to take having a rough day as it warms you up and soothes the soul. But, sometimes tea tastes too herbal and bland, requiring you to make it tastier and more exciting. There are many varieties of loose leaf tea, making it almost impossible not to have a favorite. Let us look at the top ways to enjoy drinking tea and reap all the benefits that tea provides.

  1. Iced Tea

Having a glass of iced tea is ideal during the summer. Iced tea can be prepared the same way you make traditional tea. Put double the amount of loose leaf tea and leave it in hot water longer than usual. After brewing, pour the tea into a glass with ice. You should double the amount of leaf because your tea becomes less potent as the ice melts.

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  1. Latte

A delicious latte can be made from strong teas such as Chinese gunpowder. This tea is bolder, stronger, and a bit Smokey than an ordinary cup of green tea. Brew the leaves for 20-30 minutes to extract more nutrients, including chlorophyll, EGCG, and caffeine. Put into a cup and add frothed milk on top and enjoy your latte.

  1. Popsicles

You can drink tea when experiencing a heatwave by making tea popsicles, which is even an ingenious way to make your kids take tea. Take your fruity teas or herbal teas, such as jasmine tea, and pour them into Popsicle makers. You can add the fun by adding a few fruit slices. Let it freeze overnight and enjoy a healthier version of tea during the summer. Fruity teas can be purchased at an online tea and coffee shop such as Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.

  1. Citrus

Adding lemon or lime, oranges, or grapefruit acts as a natural tea sweetener. Squeeze the citrus juice or add fruit slices to the cup. If you are not a fan of fruit pulp, use a strainer when squeezing the juice. Grapefruit and lemon are more potent than orange, but the orange still adds a subtle tangy taste to your tea.

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  1. Cinnamon

During fall or winter afternoons and snowy nights, spice your tea with a pinch of cinnamon. Put your favorite herbal tea bags in a cup of hot water and add a bit of cinnamon. Stir to dissolve the flakiness of cinnamon and mask the taste of your herbal tea. Take cinnamon with vanilla, pumpkin, or chocolate tea, which you can buy from an online tea and coffee shop.

  1. Add Honey or Honeysuckle

Honey is a favorite addition to tea for many people. However, if honey is not enough, you can add a couple of Honeysuckle flowers and a splash of lemon. This will make the tea silky and soft and strike out the tea’s leafy taste. Balance the honey with a splash of lemon juice to prevent the tea from becoming sticky. Drink with chamomile, orange, lemongrass, or lemon.

  1. Ginger

Ginger adds zing and spice to your tea. Take a cup of ginger tea to cleanse your sinuses and settle flu and nausea symptoms. If you prefer a more sour taste, include substantial amounts of ginger powder and allow it to dissolve. Drink with chai, pomegranate, or citrus tea.

  1. Milk

You can add coconut and almond milk to your tea, although the tea will be much lighter than when using whole milk. Coconut and almond flavors ignite an additional flavor, which makes the tea drinkable. You can drink with pumpkin, green, chocolate, cinnamon, and jasmine tea.

You should never feel like you have too much tea, not with the top ways to enjoy tea we’ve shared with you. Drinking tea is one way of reducing sugar in your diet by eliminating juices and coffee. Enjoy the many varieties of tea available for a healthier lifestyle.