How to Transport Your Car During a Long-Distance Move

Charlotte Miller

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Every year, 40 million Americans move. And while the majority of moves are local (82%), there are still quite a few people who move either to a different state or a whole other country!

If you’re one of the more adventurous Americans, then you might be worried about some aspects of your move. For instance, how will you bring your car along?

Here’s how to transport your car for a long-distance move!

Drive It Yourself

Many people like to drive their own car when it comes to vehicle transport. They feel more in control, so it can quell their anxiety if they’re worried about leaving one of their most treasured possessions in the hands of others.

It’s also a good way to do some sightseeing if you have some time! Make it into a week-long road trip to explore cities and states you’ve always been curious about.

However, driving your car yourself does come with some negative points. For one, it can put a lot of extra wear and tear on it, which can drastically shorten the lifespan of your vehicle, especially if it’s older and you’re traveling far.

Also, you’ll have to add in expenses for hotel rooms, dining out, and any car repairs you might need along the way. You’ll also have to take time off of work to make the trip, which will eat into your finances even more.

Not to mention, it can take a toll on you. Driving your car long-distance can be fun, but the fact is, it’ll wear you out. And as a result, it’ll increase the chances of an accident happening.

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Have It Shipped

A better idea for vehicle transportation is to use car shipping services. You won’t get to go on a road trip, but you won’t have to worry about your car either!

Yes, you’ll have to spend money for these services, but when compared to all the expenses and time off you’ll have to take if you DIYed it, you’ll actually save a little bit of money! Also, you won’t be putting yourself in dangerous situations since the truckers are used to driving long distances and know how to drive defensively.

Best of all is, the odometer number won’t go up, which means you can prolong your car’s lifespan! And if anything happens while it’s in transit, the transport company should have a generous insurance policy to cover fixes so you barely have to pay out of pocket (if at all).

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Good Luck With Your Long-Distance Move

A long-distance move can be stressful. But it’s also a new exciting chapter in your life!

By researching and preparing, you can decrease your stress and increase your excitement. We highly recommend you ship your vehicle to achieve this. So plan ahead of time and you should be fine by the time you relocate!

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