How to Apply for Instant Credit Cards Online?

Charlotte Miller

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How to Apply for Instant Credit Cards Online?

Be it a sudden financial crisis, big-ticket purchase, or seamless day-to-day transactions, a credit card is all you need to enjoy a better lifestyle and ease of payments. No doubt, for situations when you readily need funds, credit cards can come to your rescue. But what if you don’t already have a credit card? You can visit for clearly understanding.

Well, for events that require instant funds, you can opt for an instant credit card. These credit cards have a 100% online and paperless application process. You receive the card number of these cards as soon as your lender approves it. This helps you finance your immediate needs even before you receive the physical card.

What’s more? With the digitization of financial services, you can quickly opt for the best credit cards online from the comfort of your home. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on an instant credit card, follow these three simple steps to apply for it online-

Select a Card

 Before you apply, you must research well and pick a card that fits your requirements. Different cards have different features and benefits, so choose one that best complements your lifestyle. For instance, you can check out instant credit cards like Legend, Platinum Aura, Platinum Visa, or Club Vistara from IndusInd Bank which come with premium features and excellent rewards on every transaction. However, make sure to check if you fulfill the set eligibility criteria before selecting a credit card.

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 Fill Out the Application Form

The next step is to fill out the credit card application form. For this, you simply need to visit the official website of your lender and click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. Along with the application form, you have to submit relevant documents for identity and income proof. These include your bank statements, address proof, and so on. Most lenders have a simple application process with minimal documentation. This further saves you time to secure a credit card quickly.

Activate Your Card

Once your lender verifies the documents and approves your credit card application, it will dispatch your physical card. However, as you’re applying for an instant credit card, you will receive your card number instantly and can start making payments. But as soon as you receive the physical card from your lender, make sure you set the PIN to activate it.

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The Bottom Line

No matter what your lifestyle is, a credit card will take care of all your financial needs while maximising your savings. Today, you’ll find multiple options for instant credit cards in the market that are just a click away. But not every card is necessarily best for you. Good research about credit cards, interest rates, repayment tenure, etc. will definitely serve you irrespective of how you apply. So what are you waiting for? Make the most of online services and bid farewell to financial duress without even visiting a financial institution.